Singapore dollar falls below RM3 mark after currency easing seen as novel coronavirus hits economy

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): The Singapore dollar yesterday fell below the RM3 mark for the first time in about a year after the republic’s central bank said there was sufficient room for the Singapore curre

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Hong Kong tightens liquidity with $260 mil currency defence

HONG KONG (Mar 11): Hong Kong faces the likelihood of rising borrowing costs after the city’s de facto central bank intervened to defend its currency peg for the first time since August.


Why aggressive intervention may do little to save Argentina's peso

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): Fund managers are worrying that the worst has yet to come in Argentina’s peso crisis as big names in the bond market continue to take a beating, according to the Financial Times

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Singapore added to Credit Suisse's preferred markets as 'the place to be' for equity investors

SINGAPORE (July 10): Credit Suisse says the Singapore market is the “place to be” for investors given it is trading at favourable valuations, offers a blend of cyclical exposure and is a beneficiar


China's yuan hovers near key level amid intervention speculation

HONG KONG (July 3): Chinese banks were seen selling dollars after the yuan weakened past a key level, stoking speculation that authorities were seeking to slow the losses.

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Singapore allows currency to gain in gradual tightening move

SINGAPORE (Apr 13): Singapore’s central bank made a measured change to policy, allowing its currency to strengthen in the face of solid economic growth, while also acknowledging mounting risks from


China's yuan plunges most since aftermath of devaluation in 2015

(Feb 8): China’s yuan sank the most since the aftermath of the shock devaluation of the currency in August 2015 after trade surplus figures missed estimates and amid speculation policy makers will


Your fund's currency exposure may not be what you think

(Oct 23): A client of mine was recently interested in a mutual fund that invests in Asian equities.

Singapore still prefers cash over digital payments

SINGAPORE (Sept 5): In tech-savvy Singapore, where almost everyone has a smartphone, nine out of 10 people still prefer to pay for everyday transactions the old-fashioned way – with cash. 

Expat packages are worsening in Singapore and Hong Kong: Survey

HONG KONG (May 18): The value of pay and benefits packages for expatriates moving to Hong Kong and Singapore continued to decline last year, according to consultancy firm ECA International.

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