US stocks

Markets roiled on Trump stance tensions

NEW YORK (Aug 18): A sense of growing unease gripped financial markets as President Donald Trump exacerbated the controversy sparked by a racist rally in Virginia and terrorists struck a crowded st


The yuan is Hong Kong's new darling as investors chase higher yields

HONG KONG/BEIJING (Aug 17): The big ball of money in Hong Kong is rolling to the yuan, and the local dollar is suffering.


Thailand’ ‘super-baht’ may be too strong for its own good

BANGKOK (June 30): Two decades ago, Thailand became ground zero of the Asia financial crisis, when its government scrapped a dollar peg with the baht, a devaluation that unleashed a wave of specula

Investing strategy

Prepare European markets for tapering in 2018, says Bank of Singapore

SINGAPORE (June 1): Europe is now threatening to be an outlier in the “as good as it gets” investment theme as its cyclical improvement continues to gather speed, according to Bank of Singapore (Bo

Global Markets

Emerging market killjoys say don’t ignore commodity, China risks

LONDON (May 11): Dissenters in the face of the relentless emerging-market rally are speaking out.

Investing strategy

Macron vs Le Pen: What either victory means for global markets

SINGAPORE (April 27): Given the disparate political views and economic agendas of French presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, VP Bank believes the behaviour of financial marke

Investing strategy

What lies ahead for Asian economies and currencies this year: Deutsche

SINGAPORE (March 28): Deutsche Bank Wealth Management has highlighted rising inflation as a particular area for Asia to watch in the year ahead, which has the potential to become a policy issue but

Korean Won


This currency reigns supreme in Asian emerging-market plays

BANGKOK (Feb 20): As the most sensitive emerging Asian currency, South Korea’s won provides the best proxy for investors looking to bet on how the region reacts to US President Donald Trump.

Eurozone stock markets

Global Markets

New Year, new high for euro zone stock markets

LONDON (Jan 3): Euro zone stocks opened 2017 by climbing to their highest in more than a year on Monday after data showed manufacturers in the currency bloc ramped up activity at the fastest pace i


What’s the big deal about redenominating the rupiah?

SINGAPORE (Dec 21): Redenomination of the rupiah (IDR) is back on the cards for Indonesia, revealed the country’s central bank governor, Agus Martowardojo, on Monday.

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