Containing the dollar credit crunch

(Mar 27): With markets already in turmoil, a dollar credit crunch now threatens the world economy.


3 things you need to know about the rise of China's renminbi as the world's reserve currency

SINGAPORE (July 12): Some 75 years ago, the Bretton Woods agreement was signed, making the US dollar the world’s reserve currency. But now, there is talk of an alternative: China’s renminbi.


Western Union mobile app launched in Singapore

SINGAPORE (Dec 18): Money remitter Western Union today announced the launch of its mobile app in Singapore – making it the third destination in Asia, after Hong Kong and Malaysia, where the app can

SE Asian economies

The impact of higher interest rates on regional banks and property

SINGAPORE (Oct 4): At its last meeting in September, the US Federal Reserve hiked rates by 25bps and warned that rate increases are likely to persist well into next year.

Broker's Calls

Food Empire downgraded as US ramps up sanctions against Russia

SINGAPORE (Aug 15): RHB Research is downgrading its call on Food Empire to “neutral” from “buy” while lowering its target price on the stock to 60 cents from $1.07 previously to reflect a lower tar

Global Markets

More pain looms for EMs as lousy quarter sputters toward end

SAO PAOLO/NEW YORK(June 29): A dark quarter for emerging-market bulls is nearing an end, and it’s not clear whether things will get much brighter down the road, especially in the near-term.

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Promise of higher dividends mitigate currency risk for LY Corp, says NRA Capital

SINGAPORE (Jan 30): NRA Capital likes LY Corporation, the original design manufacturer of wooden bedroom furniture, for what it sees as a positive mix of growth and dividend plans to come.

Global Economy

Central banks want the world to carry on as they quietly tighten

WASHINGTON/FRANKFURT (Dec 15): Central bankers are gingerly trying to take away the punch bowl without interrupting the party.

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Why you need to add these currencies to your portfolio now

SINGAPORE (Sept 22): The US Federal Reserve announced on Sept 20 that it would start reducing the size of its US$4.5 trillion ($6.1 trillion) balance sheet next month.


BNM forex scandal: Former second finance minister claims responsibility for hedging ‘mistake’ made in 1990s

SINGAPORE (Sept 7): Over the hearing which took place at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) yesterday, Malaysia’s former second finance minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, who served as adviser

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