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Citi, Lazada launch co-branded credit card targeted at millennial consumers

SINGAPORE (Dec 9): Amid the growing purchasing power of millennial consumers in Singapore and the rising number of online shoppers, Citi and Lazada Group have jointly launched the Citi Lazada credit card. 

The card, a partnership between the world’s largest credit card issuer and Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, is said to be targeted at millennial online shoppers who have exhibited growing purchasing power over the years.

Apple spotlights services with TV, gaming and credit card offerings

CUPERTINO/CALIFORNIA (Mar 26): Apple Inc attempted to reintroduce itself on Monday as an entertainment and financial services company that also makes iPhones as it launched a streaming television service, a credit card and an online gaming arcade.

With appearances by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, the world’s second-most valuable technology company lifted the curtain on a television and movie subscription service called Apple TV+ that will stream original television shows and movies.

The star-studded lineup failed to excite investors, who sent Apple shares down 1.2%.

Digital payments make for better money management: PayPal

SINGAPORE (Aug 29): New research conducted by online payments company PayPal has revealed that while cash remains king for transactions in Singapore, going digital may be the way to get locals to pay their bills.  

Entitled Digital Payments: Thinking Beyond Transactions, the study surveyed 500 consumers and 200 merchants in Singapore, out of which only 23% of consumers who used digital payments reported to have experienced difficulty with bill payments compared to 43% of consumers who used cash.

YuuZoo launches proprietary e-wallet for global use

SINGAPORE (Dec 6): Yuuzoo Corporation has launched YuuWallet, a proprietary electronic wallet (e-wallet) designed for use in developing markets as well as developed markets with low credit card penetration.

YuuWallet will be fully embedded into YuuZoo’s social e-commerce platform, and marketed through the latter’s network of franchisees and partners.

In a Tuesday announcement, YuuZoo explains that the e-wallet “enables fast, easy and secure payments without credit cards”, covering the full range of payments and money transactions, from large amounts to micro-payments.

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