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Winners and losers from Singapore's budget as election looms

SINGAPORE (Feb 19): Singapore Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat boosted health-care and military spending, gave tax rebates to citizens and tightened rules on foreign workers ahead of an election that could come as early as this year.

Heng announced a new $8 billion support package for seniors in his budget speech on Monday, as well as measures to help local businesses adopt new technologies. The expansionary fiscal plan will push the overall budget deficit to 0.7% of gross domestic product in the year ending March 2020, from a revised surplus of 0.4% this year.

Creative unveils new Super X-Fi products at CES 2019

SINGAPORE (Jan 3): Creative Technology has unveiled a slew of related Super X-Fi products in conjunction with Wednesday worldwide launch of the Super X-Fi headphone holography technology at CES 2019.

Previewed in its prototype form last year, Super X-Fi recreates the soundstage of a multi-speaker surround system in a pair of headphones, and personalises it by scanning the user’s head and ears, so that the custom-fit audio experience becomes more natural.

The largest SGX tech stocks going into 2019

SINGAPORE (Dec 26): The technology sector in Singapore is deemed to be highly cyclical and with the recent increase in global demand for electronic products and services, along with new entrants within the sector, competition has been heating up.

However, the competition within the sector has an economic impact of weighing both prices and margins.

Furthermore, the recent US-China trade dispute have also affected the technology sector’s supply and value chains, especially when the US announced that it would impose tariffs on industrially significant technology.

Creative Tech sinks into 1Q losses in absence of patent settlement gains

SINGAPORE (Oct 31): Creative Technology reported a loss of US$6.1 million ($8.5 million) for the 1Q ended Sept (1Q19), reversing into the red from its earnings of US$22.8 million in 1Q18 in the absence of other gains recorded in the latter period.

While Creative booked other gains of US$32 million in 1Q18 largely due to a US$31.2 million received from the settlement of patent lawsuits as well as US$0.6 mil in foreign exchange gains, these contributions were absent from the latest quarter.

Creative in Top Gainer list after Super X-Fi amp online sales boast

SINGAPORE (Sept 27): Creative Technology was third on the Top 20 Gainers list this morning, rising 23 cents or 3.7% to $6.45 with 1 million shares traded.

In a filing last night, Creative boasted it sold 600 units of its newly-launched Super X-Fi amp headphone amplifier in the first 20 minutes after its online store went live at 6.34pm on Monday.

Priced at $219 including tax, Creative CEO and co-founder Sim Wong Hoo said he was “truly blown away by the initial whirlwind sales reaction to the launch”.

Creative posts 19% drop in 3Q earnings to $5.1 mil

SINGAPORE (May 10): Creative Technology saw its earnings fall 19% to US$3.8 million ($5.1 million) for the 3Q ended March, from US$4.6 million a year ago.

3Q18 revenue was down 6% to US$15.0 million, from US$16.0 million a year ago.

This was due to the uncertain and difficult market conditions which continued to affect the sales of the group’s products.

As at end March, cash and cash equivalents stood at US$115.2 million.

Looking ahead, the group says it expects no significant change in the market conditions, and expects to report an operating loss in 4Q18.

Right timing: STI stays sideways; SingTel attempts breakout

SINGAPORE (Mar 17): Here are some charts for our technical analysis this week:

Straits Times Index (3,512, daily)
The Straits Times Index inched up by 27 points over the week as the chart pattern became clearer. Prices appear to be forming a triangle which can be a continuation pattern in an uptrend.

Right timing: STI stays in corrective mode; Creative's huge volatility seen abating

SINGAPORE (Mar 10): Here are two charts for our technical analysis this week:

Straits Times Index (3,485, daily)
The Straits Times Index rose a mere 6 points over the week. The index is entrenched between the 50- and 100-day moving averages at 3,495 and 3,448 with these levels acting as near term resistance and support.

Creative co-founder Ng Kai Wa sells shares at average price of $9.04 each

SINGAPORE (Mar 7): Ng Kai Wa, director and co-founder of Creative Technology, sold a total 200,000 shares in the company in two transactions for $1,807,949, or an average price of $9.04 per share. Shares in Creative closed at $7.08 on Wednesday.

On Mar 5, Ng sold 104,350 shares on the open market, for total of $939,150. A day later, he sold another 95,650 shares, for total of $868,799.

Investors pile into stock promising the 'holy grail of audio'

(Mar 2): It was once the world’s second-largest maker of digital music players. Now, it thinks its audio technology will transform the “human listening experience” -- and investors are buying into it.

Creative Technology’s Super X-Fi technology won the “Best of CES 2018 Award” at the electronics show in Las Vegas in January for its latest innovation. This breakthrough product has been in the works for over 20 years and the company’s Chief Executive Officer Sim Wong Hoo has touted it as “life-changing.”

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