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Motivating stories

SINGAPORE (Dec 27):  In the course of the year, we brought you stories of inspiring individuals who are doing things their way. We recap five of them.


Myanmar: The long game

Euphoria and expectations were high after Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy swept to power in 2015. The shine may have worn off and elections are looming, but patient investors are holding out for a return.

Powered by imagination

Producing avant-garde horological machines such as the HM9 Flow involves a great degree of risk. While his audacious time-telling devices may divide critics, no one can ever accuse MB&F’s Maximilian Büsser of not daring to dream


Paying it forward

SINGAPORE (Oct 8): Major designer labels choose fashion capitals of the world — Milan, London, Paris and New York — to locate their headquarters. But not Brunello Cucinelli. He started his eponymous label in 1978 in the small town of Solomeo in the pr


Keeping it real

SINGAPORE (Sept 24): Pierre Png arrives at least 15 minutes before this fashion shoot starts and goes straight to hair and grooming. His professional approach towards his work and his laidback charm displayed during this interview show why he is well-lik

Global Economy

Keeping up with the trade war ping-pong

SINGAPORE (Aug 31): The US is a massive consumer of goods imported from China. In 2017, the US ran a US$566 billion ($773.27 billion) trade deficit with the rest of the world.
SGInnovate’s CEO, Steve Leonard

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Does Singapore’s startup ecosystem make the cut for global funding?

SINGAPORE (June 23): Whether you are a corporate banker or a bootstrapping entrepreneur, it is impossible to avoid the 21st century spin on automation: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Cash is king. Or is it?

SINGAPORE (March 17): Out of the 754 listings on the Singapore Exchange, 323 companies are in a net cash position, according to Bloomberg data. Of these, 100 have net cash comprising more than half their market capitalisations.