US debt-limit deal sets up tough battle for passage in Congress

A time-consuming, last-minute revision or a failure on the House floor risks a market dive.
Here are the major parts of the US$1.9 trillion Biden relief plan - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Here are the major parts of the US$1.9 trillion Biden relief plan

Joe Biden’s US$1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan is designed to both pump money into the economy and contain Covid-19.

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Congress running out of time to pass fiscal stimulus as holiday season approaches

The current temporary measure expires after midnight on 11 December, which would lead to a Federal Government shutdown.
PhillipCapital sees US Bank earnings down 6-8% under Biden - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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PhillipCapital sees US Bank earnings down 6-8% under Biden

But PhilipCapital analyst Yeap Jun Rong says that the worse is now over for US financial fundamentals.

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PhillipCapital expects “Blue Wave” in US elections

A “Blue Wave” is the most likely scenario at 35.1%, followed by a Trump presidency with a united Democratic Congress at 24.8%.

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Investors in for a bumpy ride with full recovery unlikely until 2022, says BOS

The analysts also see 2H2020 as an opportune time to rebalance portfolios from growth and momentum stocks into cyclical and value plays.

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As Congress bickers, Fed swoops in – controversially – with sweeping rescue plan

This writes a new chapter in the central bank’s 106-year history and puts them in a role that the Fed has traditionally argued belongs to fiscal policy and elected officials.It also opens up the central bank to questions of over stepping.

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Trump calls meeting with lawmakers, suggests he's open to a deal

WASHINGTON (Jan 2): President Donald Trump invited the top congressional leaders from both parties to a White House briefing on border security Wednesday and suggested he wants to “make a deal” to end the government shutdown.

US Presidential Race

Trump lays low as voters go to polls to decide fate of Congress

WASHINGTON (Nov 7): Donald Trump was heard but not seen on Tuesday as voters took to the polls in an election expected to be a referendum on his leadership and a harbinger of the next two years in his presidential term.

Trump to make personal appeal to Republicans on his ZTE deal

WASHINGTON (June 19): The US Senate passed legislation on Monday evening that would restore penalties on the Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp., complicating President Donald Trump’s efforts to ease sanctions on the company.