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It's all in the Cloud

It's all about cloud computing in the post-Covid world, as offices migrate from the physical, to the virtual


Accelerating cloud adoption in Asia Pacific after the Covid-19 pandemic

Cloud budgets today account for approximately 5% of average IT budgets, a figure which is likely to double by 2023.


Biotech, cloud computing make sound China investment themes, says Mirae

Despite all the sabre-rattling associated with US-China relations, are there hidden gems to be found in Chinese thematic funds?


How to invest in cloud computing

A robust IT infrastructure is vital in delivering better customer service and improving operational efficiency.

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Local family businesses ready to embrace next-gen technologies, but less confident in talent: SAP

SINGAPORE (Feb 28): Local family businesses are most confident in utilising data analytics to drive their business success, as they prepare to put aside their traditional business models to meet future challenges with next-generation technologies.

Proxies for cloud computing growth

SINGAPORE (Jan 15): We have all used cloud services at some time or other to access Gmail accounts, store photos in Dropbox and share our stories on Facebook. What is “the cloud”? It comprises cloud computing power, cloud services and cognitive comput


Have tech stocks surged too far too fast?

SINGAPORE (Oct 13): For much of this year, global investors have been enamoured with “growth”, chasing large-cap tech stocks, or FAANNG — social media giant Facebook, e-commerce behemoth, smartphone powerhouse Apple, video-streaming pione

Alibaba, NUS and EZ-Link collaborate on pilot data analytics project

SINGAPORE (Jan 16): Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of China’s Alibaba Group, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National University of Singapore and EZ-Link to “collaborate and boost Singapore’s smart computing and data-

Alibaba Cloud expands global footprint with 4 new data centres

SINGAPORE (Nov 21): Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm and a business unit of China’s Alibaba Group, says it aims to open four new data centres by end-2016 in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Japan.