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Why blockchain has far more potential than cryptocurrencies for now: Deutsche

SINGAPORE (Dec 7): Cryptocurrencies are a highly speculative and risky investment – although they do have the potential to develop into a new asset class in the future, according to Deutsche Bank W

Global Markets

Growing pains in US, Europe and China: Deutsche

SINGAPORE (July 24): Markets are worried about the growth in US, Europe and China, according to Deutsche Bank’s weekly CIO Insights report published last Friday.

Global Economy

Where green shoots of sustainable growth can be found

SINGAPORE (May 22): Economic indicators in Europe and Asia are revealing signs of a sustainable growth outlook although US equities could suffer in the near-term from recent political events, accor

USD/SGD forecast to reach 1.53 by March next year

SINGPAPORE (April 26): Deutsche Bank’s Asia Pacific CIO Tuan Huynh says it currently forecasts USD/SGD to rise to 1.53 in March 2018, following a decision by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MA

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