Chinese economy


How Dow Chemical is adapting to US-China decoupling

As the US and its allies increasingly come to view China as a threat, businesses have increasingly been advised by these governments to “quit China”.


Rise of the digital redback

SINGAPORE (July 17): Not having a smartphone in China can be a real handicap.


Oil war may revive China's yuan ambitions

(Mar 17): The world’s biggest oil importer has found itself contemplating rock-bottom prices and the opportunity for an unprecedented power play.

China Focus

Shanghai retains trend strength

(Mar 6): Trade ministers are speaking optimistically of a return to normal as Covid-19 comes under control.


After US$180 bil return, Norway fund makes no coronavirus bets

(Feb 28): Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is not planning to adjust its portfolio in response to a wave of global panic triggered by the spread of the coronavirus. 

Global review

Viral exposure: wider implications for the markets

(Feb 28): The number of people infected and affected by the coronavirus continues to grow globally.

China Focus

Could China surprise on the upside?

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): The relentless slowing of the Chinese economy is one important reason why the global economy has been so lacklustre in the past year.


The US poses a bigger danger to Asian markets than China

(Feb 2): Asia’s economies may be increasingly bound to China, but the risks to the region’s markets may be more linked to the US as Chinese policy makers make progress in arresting a record run-up

Selling the new Silk Road

China should beware what it wishes for

(May 19): To Indian eyes, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s big Belt and Road Forum – which attracted 29 heads of government and representatives of 130 countries – looked awfully familiar.

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