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Asian stocks skid to six-and-a-half-month lows as Sino-US trade row shakes markets

(Aug 5): Asian shares slid to 6-1/2-month lows on Monday and the yuan plunged as a rapid escalation in the Sino-U.S.

Global Markets

People's Bank of China is rethinking relations with markets

(Jan 10): As the end of People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan’s term approaches, a firmer yuan and calm markets are providing a window to get some of his long-term reforms back on track.

What the surging Yuan means for China's economy

(Sept 18): The yuan’s surge this year is proving a double-edged sword, risking hurting the nation’s exports even while boosting the chances of currency and capital control reforms.

From Bloomberg

China increases US Treasury holdings for fourth straight month

(July 19): China raised its holdings of US Treasuries for a fourth straight month, a sign the nation is rebuilding its foreign-currency reserves as the yuan stabilises.

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China holds firm to its US$5 trillion anchor while Fed, ECB seek exit

(June 12): Investors who fret about when and how global central banks will run down their crisis-era balance sheets can be relaxed about the biggest of them all – China’s.

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