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China tech stocks seen as a better bet than US peers

Chinese internet stocks will keep outperforming their U.S.


Chipmaker Black Sesame aims to open door to driverless cars

One of the iconic moments of 2004 sci-fi film, I, Robot, is Will Smith’s character taking manual control of his driverless car to escape from murderous robots.


Threefold growth in Chinese tech IPOs amid US-China tensions

The makeup of China’s equity capital market is changing as it attracts more tech companies amid rising tensions with the U.S.


Is Xiaomi's IPO worth a punt?

SINGAPORE (June 25): Xiaomi Corp has planned its initial public offering (IPO) since last year and in Dec 2017, it was reported that the group was seeking a valuation of about US$50 billion ($67.4

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Amazon helps ex-Googler turn mom's money into a billion dollars

(May 22): After Steven Yang left his coveted job at Google, he asked his mother whether he should take venture-capital money to fund his business idea.

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