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Booming exports in Covid-19 crisis let China stomach stronger RMB - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Booming exports in Covid-19 crisis let China stomach stronger RMB

China’s ability to export more goods means officials will be in no rush to rein in their strongest yuan in more than two years.

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China's ailing factories need a little Christmas cheer

How the holiday season plays out will reveal a lot about how consumers worldwide are recovering from the pandemic shock.

US-China trade war

Next US tariffs to pull China expansion below 6%, survey shows

(Aug 23): The new tariffs that President Donald Trump has threatened on US$300 billion ($416 billion) of Chinese goods would drag China’s annual economic growth below 6%, according to a Bloomberg survey, which would be the slowest expansion since 1990.

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Gloomy China September trade data raises fears recovery may be faltering

BEIJING (Oct 13): China's September exports fell 10% from a year earlier, far worse than expected, while imports unexpectedly shrank after picking up in August, suggesting signs of steadying in the world's second-largest economy may be short-lived

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China’s ‘still weakening’ trade likely to worsen as Brexit impact hits

SINGAPORE (July 14): China’s “weaker-than-expected” import growth fell 8.4% y-o-y in June mainly due to a slowdown in ordinary imports for domestic consumption, while exports fell 4.8% y-o-y on weakness across the board.