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Reopen vs reactivate: Lessons from China's experience

SINGAPORE (May 25): Across the world, investors and non-investors alike are focused on when and how economies will “reopen” after Covid-19 related shutdowns.

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The China factor

(May 15): The US is seeking to insert a clause in the proposed US-UK free trade deal that would allow it to retreat from parts of the deal if Britain reaches a trade agreement with another country


A truly different pandemic

(Mar 27): While pandemics are comparatively rare — and severe ones rarer still — I am not aware of a historical episode that can provide any insight as to the likely economic consequences of the un

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Opportunities in crisis: Finding 'diamonds' of China companies in the volatile rough

(Mar 27): The Chinese term for crisis 危机 (pronounced weiji) is composed of two characters, the first character means danger and the second character means opportunity which lends implications of a

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Shanghai double-bottom rebound

(Mar 27): Restore, Repair, Revive, Resuscitate or Remodel? These 5Rs define business investment decisions and are a precondition for the big R — Recovery.


While Trump seeks pricier oil, China saves US$250 mil daily

(Mar 25): As the US finds itself in the unfamiliar position of lobbying for higher oil prices, China’s enjoying what amounts to a major rebate from crude’s crash just as it tries to recover from th


Covid-19 crisis: What are we missing?

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): The Covid-19 crisis has continued to deteriorate. As a result, governments are rolling out massive stimulus policies at a stunning pace.

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Who will pay the highest price in the wake of the Covid-19 fallout?

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): China has reduced the contagion practically to zero with the drastic measures it adopted and now the workers returning to their jobs (except in Hubei, the most affected

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Shanghai seeking support

(Mar 20): What does Covid-19 economic recovery look like and how does it impact on investment and capital flows?


Can China's economy withstand the coronavirus outbreak?

(Mar 13): The new coronavirus, Covid-19, that emerged in December in Wuhan, China, has already killed thousands, altered the daily lives of millions, and put the entire world on edge.

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