Twenty good fellows

It would be good if the G20 found a mechanism to subsume political differences among its members to the common need
Alibaba's logistics arm files for US$1 billion-plus IPO - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Alibaba's logistics arm files for US$1 billion-plus IPO

The Hong Kong exchange confirmed that the company can proceed with its proposed Cainiao spinoff and IPO


Singapore banks tighten scrutiny of Chinese with other passports

At least 10 local and international banks in Singapore are embroiled in the high-profile scandal

China Focus

China must avoid a debt-deflation spiral

China urgently needs to avoid entrenched deflationary expectations akin to what happened in Japan after the 1980s

Global Markets

All eyes on the night race as Singapore stages a September surprise

'I hope to be in for more positive surprises, like this year's Singapore Grand Prix'

China Focus

China economy shows more signs of stability on policy boost

'Perhaps the peak pessimism is behind us'

Investing strategies

China’s markets still have genuine potential despite soured sentiments

To spur the slowing housing market, Chinese authorities have started to announce several easing measures.


India's G-20 win shows US learning how to counter China's rise

Fellow G-20 nations hailed India’s success in reaching agreement on a joint communique

US stocks

ETF traders are pouring cash into emerging markets' non-China growth engines

'You don't want to brainlessly or mindlessly follow an index, right?'

Investing strategies

Matthews Asia bearish on China’s property market, but sees bright spots in EV, healthcare

Robert Horrocks of Matthews Asia sees several bright spots across sectors in Asia.