China no match for Japan in Southeast Asia infrastructure race

(June 24): Japan is still winning the Southeast Asia infrastructure race against China, with pending projects worth almost one and a half times its rival, according to the latest data from Fitch Solutions.

Japanese-backed projects in the region’s six biggest economies -- Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam -- are valued at US$367 billion ($497 billion), the figures show. China’s tally is US$255 billion.

Southeast Asia to launch joint bid to host 2034 World Cup

BANGKOK (June 24): Southeast Asian countries will jointly bid to host the World Cup in 2034, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Sunday, after meetings between the region's leaders in Bangkok.

Asia has held the quadrennial showpiece of international soccer only once when Japan and South Korea were joint hosts in 2002 and Qatar will bring it back to the continent in 2022.

Yanlord rakes in $265 mil in pre-sales from Shenzhen property launch

SINGAPORE (June 19): Real estate developer Yanlord Land Group has registered total pre-sales amounting to some RMB 1.34 billion ($265.2 million) from the inaugural launch of Yanlord Four Seasons Gardens in Shenzhen, China.

Yanlord sold 283 of the 323 apartment units launched during the opening weekend at an average selling price of approximately RMB 51,000 per square metre.

The total gross floor area of the 283 units sold amounted to some 26,300 sqm.

Hong Kong suspends China extradition bill

(June 15): Hong Kong’s leader suspended efforts to pass a bill allowing extraditions to China, in a dramatic reversal that she said was necessary to restore order in the Asian financial hub and avoid further violence and mass protests.

The Road to Beijing

SINGAPORE (June 17): What is it about the rivalry between Singapore and Hong Kong? On the face of it, the two cities have much in common: former British colonial outposts turned cosmopolitan centres for international business and finance. Underpinning their success have been their open, trade-friendly economies and a legal system based on English common law.


The long arm of Beijing

Fear of China’s growing influence in Hong Kong has sent stocks reeling and some investors are rethinking their asset allocations. But an exodus to Singapore is not a given, and the city state may not welcome one anyway.

SINGAPORE (June 17): Chris Niem, a communications consultant, was one of tens of thousands of protesters who crowded central Hong Kong to literally try and block the passage of a piece of legislation that would allow anyone in the territory to be extradited to mainland China for certain crimes.  


China is courting disaster in Hong Kong

SINGAPORE (June 17): The world has been riveted by the protests raging in Hong Kong against the city government’s proposed law to allow the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China. About one million people — roughly one-seventh of the former British colony’s population — took to the streets on June 9 to denounce the draft law, and another large protest on June 12 resulted in violent clashes between demonstrators and police.


Tens of thousands paralyse Hong Kong's financial hub over extradition bill

HONG KONG (June 12): Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong surrounded the city's legislature on Wednesday, forcing it to postpone a second round of debate on an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial.

The protesters, most of them young people dressed in black, erected barricades as they prepared to hunker down for an extended occupation of the area, in scenes reminiscent of pro-democracy "Occupy" protests that rocked the city in 2014.

Hong Kong pushes bill allowing extraditions to China despite biggest protest since handover

(June 11): Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam vowed on Monday to push ahead with amendments to laws allowing suspects to be extradited to mainland China, a day after the city’s biggest protest since its handover from British to Chinese rule in 1997.

Riot police ringed Hong Kong’s legislature and fought back a group of several hundred protesters who stayed behind early on Monday after Sunday’s peaceful march that organisers said drew more than a million people, or one in seven of the city’s people.

Hong Kong protest draws up to 1 million in rebuff to China

HONG KONG (June 10): Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government faced new pressure to withdraw legislation easing extraditions to China after as many as 1 million people turned out to oppose the measure.

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