Singapore to deepen business ties with Shandong through collaboration

SINGAPORE (Nov 3): Singapore companies can soon offer professional financial, legal and listing services to Shandong firms looking to internationalise.

The platform, co-developed by Enterprise Singapore and the Qingdao Bureau of Commerce, is said to feature companies such as Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC), United Overseas Bank (UOB), law firm Rajah & Tann, and the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

The platform is likely to be launched by next June.

Chinese whispers in the wind

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Making investment decisions can be difficult at any time, particularly when including internationally listed companies. Investors must also consider the international links and global logistics chains that even domestic investment candidates are exposed to. It takes time for a full picture to emerge, and often by that time, it is too late to rescue some investment decisions and to make new decisions in a timely manner.

Here are some whispers in the wind that suggest investors need to revisit the focus of previous and future investment decisions.


China rolls out world's largest 5G mobile phone network

(Oct 31): China’s three state-owned wireless carriers debuted 5G mobile phone services Thursday, a milestone in the country’s push to become a technology power even as it remains locked in a trade war with the US.

China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier, unveiled its network in 50 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, with packages priced as low as 128 yuan ($25) a month. Rivals China Telecom Corp and China Unicom Hong Kong also introduced their services at comparable rates.

Asean can benefit from a prosperous China, says former minister George Yeo

SINGAPORE (Oct 22): If precedents are anything to go by, China’s meteoric rise as an economic and political superpower can be a boon to Southeast Asia, according to former foreign minister George Yeo.

This is because trade in the region has historically flourished whenever China prospered in the past, he explains.    

“This has always been the case in history. Every time China became united and a dominant power, the prosperity spread all over Southeast Asia,” he says in his keynote speech at the Amundi Singapore Forum 2019: The Future of Southeast Asia on Tuesday.

CSOP opens Singapore office, aims to right 'under-allocated' investments in China

SINGAPORE (Oct 16): Hong Kong-based CSOP Asset Management believes many investors outside China have “under-allocated” investments in China because of unfamiliarity. They are keen to participate in China’s markets, but are reluctant and apprehensive.

CSOP, by setting up an office in Singapore, wants to help address this concern. “Singapore is a bit far from Beijing. Hopefully, CSOP can shorten the distance,” says Ding Chen, the company’s CEO, at a press briefing on Oct 16.

Could China surprise on the upside?

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): The relentless slowing of the Chinese economy is one important reason why the global economy has been so lacklustre in the past year. The latest full set of economic indicators, for August, showed the economy continuing to struggle. However, preliminary data for September has raised hopes that the economy may be starting to regain a bit of traction. So, what exactly is happening to the Chinese economy and what does it mean for us?

A third of the world's consumers are suddenly nervous to spend

MUMBAI/BEIJING (Oct 9): Down the street from Mumbai’s grand colonial-era Royal Opera House, Deepak Gurnaney sits in his small electronics shop in front of rows of flat screen TVs flashing Hindi-soap operas, while his four staff play with their phones. There are no customers.

The 68-year-old used to need a machine to count the cash brought in by the business his father founded, and a warehouse nearby to keep enough stock. With business down 25% the past two years, he’s got rid of both.

China is breeding giant pigs that are as heavy as polar bears

(Oct 7): In a farm deep in the southern region of China lives a very big pig that’s as heavy as a polar bear.

The 500 kilogram, or 1,102 pound, animal is part of a herd that’s being bred to become giant swine. At slaughter, some of the pigs can sell for more than 10,000 yuan ($1,931), over three times higher than the average monthly disposable income in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province where Pang Cong, the farm’s owner, lives.

Greater China

Tensions are escalating in Hong Kong after a defiant demonstration on Oct 1 devolved into violence. Much is at stake for Beijing, which has to balance its priorities for the territory.


Colombia looks to Asia to diversify its exports amid trade war

(Sept 26): Colombia is looking to boost trade with Asian countries as it seeks to protect the nation amid a global trade war, President Ivan Duque said.

The Andean nation is stepping up its efforts to strengthen trade relations with China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, Duque said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in New York. At the same time, the country is seeking funding for infrastructure projects such as roads and ports.

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