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Goldman says sharp drop in volatility is opportunity for hedging

The VIX declined to 12.45 last week, and has been hovering below the 13 level since.
Why the VIX might do the trick - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Why the VIX might do the trick

If the US election defies resolution, investors may want to trade the VIX Index, also known as the fear gauge,
Covid-19 in the White House is startling, but a contested election would be worse - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

US Presidential Race

Covid-19 in the White House is startling, but a contested election would be worse

"We believe it is time for caution but not panic,” says Bank of Singapore (BOS) Head of Investment Strategy Eli Lee.

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Liquidity to companies, not capital markets, needed

The sell-off has been fast and furious. There is indiscriminate selling across the board, regardless of quality, likely perpetuated by algorithm trading and exchange-traded funds.

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The bull market almost no one saw coming

(Dec 27): Hedge your holdings. Stay defensive. Figure out a risk tolerance and do not buy anything that keeps you up at night. All the investment advice at the tail end of the financial crisis came with a huge dollop of caution.

Investing in late-cycle earnings growth

SINGAPORE (Feb 25): Positive news flow on the ongoing US-China trade talks continued to buoy sentiment for global stocks over the past week. Following reported progress after days of negotiations in Beijing, further discussions have resumed in the US. Cle

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Buy the dip when market overreacts, says KGI

SINGAPORE (Feb 5): The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by about 666 points on Feb 2, a magnitude that was last seen the day after Britain voted to leave the European Union on June 24, 2016.

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Choices galore, but find out which are the ‘best-in-class’ funds in Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 8): As the outcome of the UK’s referendum on the European Union became apparent in the early hours of June 24 in Singapore, global financial markets looked like they were on the brink of a meltdown.