cash flow

Majority of Singapore C-suite and F&A professionals lack confidence in their cash flow visibility - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Majority of Singapore C-suite and F&A professionals lack confidence in their cash flow visibility

Consequently, they are less confident that their organisation can remain competitive in the next 12 months: BlackLine


Seeking shelter from the storm in infrastructure and utilities assets

"Infrastructure is not just about income and inflation protection, it should offer an attractive total return."

Investing strategies

Recession comes: How can a dividend strategy help mitigate the investment risk?

Year on year, we've seen the resilience of dividend payments by global companies, plus rowth in the size of these dividend payouts


What’s that REIT really worth?

Valuations of REIT properties — not yields — come under closer scrutiny amid fiasco involving Eagle Hospitality Trust and Covid-19 fallout.


Profitability versus resiliency: Business choices in a post-pandemic world

The unprecedented collapse in both supply and demand has exposed a multi-decade trend that favoured shareholders and short-term term profits at the expense of long-term business resiliency.

Financially Savvy

Assessing risk is about balancing debt and cash flow

SINGAPORE (Dec 9): Assessing risk is an everyday occurrence. When approaching a traffic light while driving, should we accelerate as it turns amber or wait for the next green light? Drivers assess risk every day. As investors or traders, should we buy DBS

Addvalue Tech sets up $13.1 mil war chest for satellite services

SINGAPORE (May 2): Addvalue Technologies, the provider of digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products, has raised a $13.1 million war chest to accelerate its growth plans and commercialisation of the group’s proprietary offering o

Nam Cheong announces over $300 mil in liabilities; mulls restructuring

SINGAPORE (April 24): Nam Cheong, the OSV builder has revealed the extent of “various obligations” owed to financial lenders and trade creditors that have fallen due, and that it expects to fall due.

4 tips to guide you in the hunt for yield in post-Brexit world

SINGAPORE (July 13): With Brexit-related uncertainty clouding the earnings outlook and causing developed market bond yields to hit record lows, Bank of Singapore has tactically downgraded equities to underweight with a preference for defensive plays, espe