Investing strategies

Ray Dalio says he doesn't want to hold bonds, cash ‘is good’

The billionaire highlights difficulties investors face as global central banks try to manage inflation.

Tong's Portfolio

With US stocks priced to near perfection, cash will be king … again

Our issue with US stocks is that valuations remain too high, even if earnings are holding up.

Tong's Portfolio

Why do some companies trade at below net cash? Opportunity or value trap?

Biggest risk for deep-value stocks is ‘time to monetisation’.

Investing strategies

Holding cash will be a winning strategy in 2023, investors say

That cash holds such allure says a lot about the unsettled financial and economic environment.

Financially Savvy

Counting ca$h

Why is cash so important and where does it stand among our investments?
Asset classes: Different strokes for different folks - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Financially Savvy

Asset classes: Different strokes for different folks

One of the ways the investing universe can be grouped or categorised is by asset classes.

Global Economy

Recession-shocked savers rein in rates with a US$20 tril hoard

In a recession, is cash really king?

Financially Savvy

Cash is king, but sometimes so is cash ratio

Since cash is what a company owns, cash is only king if it is relatively better than what the company owns.


Multi-asset allocation views: Embedding diversification in portfolios

Market pricing now implies a high degree of confidence that recession-like conditions will result across most major economies, but uncertainty remains over their depth and duration.