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Carl Icahn is US$15 billion poorer after hunter becomes the hunted

‘He’s never been humiliated like this‘
The rise and fall of Wall Street legend Carl Icahn - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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The rise and fall of Wall Street legend Carl Icahn

Right now Icahn’s biggest concern is whether he could be facing serious criminal charges.

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Icahn the Hunter has become the hunted

It is unclear whether Icahn will care; he has been called raider, devil, evil Captain Kirk, and so on — but this time he should

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Carl Icahn hit by Hindenburg short call as activist investor becomes target

"Icahn, a legend of Wall Street, has made a classic mistake of taking on too much leverage in the face of sustained losses"
Carl Icahn

Icahn lauds 'consensus builder' Trump, says rally may be overdone

NEW YORK (Nov 17): Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said the strong rally in US stocks since Donald Trump captured the White House last week might be overdone, but that investors can expect the president-elect to be a consensus builder who can hel