Do universities prepare students enough for their first jobs?

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): Do schools really prepare students for what is to come after they graduate?

According to the Global Limelight Work Readiness Survey by global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon, 73% of respondents felt prepared or more prepared with the skills and capabilities needed for the workforce.

However, this confidence dropped when they actually entered into the workforce, with 39% stating that they were less than prepared or not prepared at all for their first job.

Ageing proprietors of heritage businesses look askance at offer of a digital future

SINGAPORE (June 9): Chen Foon Kee (photo) sits hunched atop a four-inch stool, weaving rattan threads through the wooden skeleton of a chair. As a Chinese soap opera runs in the background, the 70-year-old hammers a nail in to lock the threads in place. It will take Chen more than three days to complete this chair, which he can sell for about $420.


After making her fortune, Anna Haotanto wants to teach others more about investing

SINGAPORE (May 15): Anna Vanessa Haotanto became a selfmade millionaire at 29, an age when many people are still climbing the corporate ladder. She achieved this mainly by making smart investments and saving prudently.

Born and raised in Singapore, Haotanto, now 32, is the founder of, an online platform that focuses on financial and career issues facing women in Asia. She is also director of a private investment firm.

For the past three years, she was selected to attend Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit.

What drives Singaporeans to seek start-up jobs?

SINGAPORE (July 20): More Singaporeans are looking to pursue careers in start-ups, according to the results of Career Builder Singapore’s Employer of Choice 2016 Survey, which 1,837 respondents took part in over the course of March 26 to May 22 this year.

Formerly known as the JobsCentral Employer of Choice Survey, the annual study aims to measure local jobseekers’ career expectations and preferences that influence the perceived overall attractiveness of an employer.

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Be informed of the stories that matter