Singapore economy

Why Singapore must be pleased to see Chinese tech giants coming to the city with investment plans worth billions of dollars

All of them have their own reasons for flocking to the nation of 5.7 million people.

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Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba expansion here could bode well for HRnetGroup: CGS-CIMB

Despite the macro uncertainty, CGS-CIMB reckons HRnetGroup is well-positioned to benefit from job creation.


Oracle wins deal for TikTok's US operations

ByteDance Ltd., TikTok’s parent, turned down Microsoft’s previous bid to buy TikTok’s US assets.


TikTok owner to spend billions in Singapore after US ban

The Beijing-based company is looking to spend several billion dollars and add hundreds of jobs over the next three years here.


ByteDance likely to miss US deadline for TikTok sale

ByteDance probably needs beyond the US executive order ban on Sept. 20 to nail down an agreement with either party.


Trump won’t extend Sept 15 deadline for TikTok to arrange US sale

“We’ll either close up TikTok in this country for security reasons, or it will be sold,” Trump told reporters Thursday.


TikTok owner declares rare half-month's salary bonus to assuage employees

ByteDance Ltd. will dole out the bonus this month to reward employees at a time of unprecedented economic and social upheaval, the company said in an internal memo seen by Bloomberg News.


TikTok assets can't be sold without China's approval

AI interface technologies such as speech and text recognition, and those that analyze data to make personalized content recommendations, were added to a revised list of export-control products published on the Ministry of Commerce’s website late Friday.


Centricus and Triller bid to buy TikTok for US$20 bil at last minute

Less than two days after Microsoft Corp. and Oracle Corp. submitted rival bids to China’s ByteDance Ltd. to acquire TikTok’s US business, a dark-horse possible third bidder emerged as the two software makers waited for a response to their offers.


Southeast Asia sees more than a hundred million TikTok downloads

An internal ByteDance 2019 presentation reviewed by Reuters showed that last year TikTok had 43.5 million monthly active users in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, with the majority female, the biggest online consumers in the region.