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Business trips to Singapore now cost less than before, but barely so

SINGAPORE (April 17): A typical business trip to Singapore now costs an average of US$468 ($633) per day, down slightly from the daily average of US$479 in 2018.

Based on the latest Daily Rates research findings published by ECA International, this pushes Singapore down by a notch to fourth place this year in the Asia rankings for the region’s most expensive locations for business travel.

Here's how much a business trip to Singapore will cost you per day

SINGAPORE (Apr 17): It has become increasingly expensive for companies to send their staff on business trips on Singapore, finds a recent survey conducted by research firm ECA International.

Based on the latest Daily Rates research published by ECA International, the cost of a business trip to Singapore in 2017 averaged at a whopping US$479 ($627) per day – inclusive of four-star hotel accommodation, meals, drinks, laundry, taxi transport and daily essentials.

Rise of the millennial business traveller

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): The profile of the business traveller has shifted in recent years. Senior management and C-suite executives, who once made up the bulk of business travellers, are now travelling less.

Instead, millennials are doing more of the travelling as they get involved in business development, says Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Frasers Hospitality Group.

These individuals are typically described as tech-savvy go-getters and novelty seekers.

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