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Local family businesses ready to embrace next-gen technologies, but less confident in talent: SAP

SINGAPORE (Feb 28): Local family businesses are most confident in utilising data analytics to drive their business success, as they prepare to put aside their traditional business models to meet future challenges with next-generation technologies.

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Will ads drive Amazon as much as subscribers?

SINGAPORE (May 7): In his recent annual “Letter to Shareholders”, CEO Jeff Bezos highlighted the strength of the e-commerce behemoth’s Prime membership base of more than 100 million now, its Amazon Web Service cash cow, the phenome nal su


When financial institutions are no longer built to serve

SINGAPORE (Oct 5): A gaping rift between Wall Street and Main Street remains even a decade on from the global financial crisis (GFC) as financial systems around the world continue to function without a core purpose, according to an associate editor and gl
Azim Premji


Every tech billionaire in India takes hit from Trump visa reform

BANGALORE (April 12): It’s hard to overstate the importance of the technology industry to India. Over the past three decades, the IT sector has helped drive the country’s economic growth, employed millions and made billionaires out of at least seven f

Weaker global economic climates drive banks into ‘protect & control’ mode

SINGAPORE (March 23): Given the potential implications of Brexit and US president Donald Trump’s financial deregulation efforts, banks around the globe are facing a surge of global economic uncertainties this year.