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Put up guard rails before the circus begins: Reducing Bursa’s board lot size

Policy matters require holistic assessments of both the opportunities and potential pitfalls.
Chasing the small caps now will likely end in tears - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Chasing the small caps now will likely end in tears

The biggest spike in trading volumes and gains on Bursa Malaysia were registered for the property and construction sectors.

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Critical to consider management’s capabilities and integrity in evaluating stocks

Last week, we wrote about how the Covid-19 pandemic was testing times for businesses, given the high degree of uncertainties.

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Windfall profits can also be a curse to shareholders

The glove makers were, without question, the single biggest winner of all on Bursa Malaysia.

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China’s undervaluation — not quite yet

Consumer spending is turning out to be weaker than expected.

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Star Media Group: An unreasonable, value-destructive related-party transaction with Matang

Star makes more profit selling land than developing Star Business Hub.

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Why do some companies trade at below net cash? Opportunity or value trap?

Biggest risk for deep-value stocks is ‘time to monetisation’.
Revisiting the SGX-Bursa link - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Singapore-Malaysia ties

Revisiting the SGX-Bursa link

The Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage is about 75% complete, with the launch expected in the next six to nine months.

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Who is behind the last-minute push-up of stock prices?

Interestingly, this trading pattern is quite unique to the Malaysian market.