SINGAPORE (June 3): “MAS does not and cannot use the exchange rate to gain an export advantage or achieve a current account surplus.”The Monetary Authority of Singapore, responding to the US’ inclusion of Singapore on a watch list for exchange rate and macroeconomic policies.

Wages up in 2018


Markets shrug off exit of UK’s May in June; Hong Leong Asia to privatise cement unit

(June 3): June 7 will mark the end of Theresa May’s tenure as British Prime Minister, after a three-year leadership fraught with bad mistakes, resignations, controversy and widely panned policies. Her time as PM will be defined by her inability to deliver Brexit. Even as she broke down in tears after her farewell speech outside Downing Street, there is little sympathy for the “Maybot”.


Investor confidence in May sees improvement on US and European fronts

SINGAPORE (May 30): Investor confidence increased in May, according to State Street Global Exchange’s State Street Investor Confidence Index (ICI).

The ICI increased by 6.6 points to 79.5, compared to 72.9 in April.

The index measures investor confidence or risk appetite quantitatively by analysing the actual buying and selling patterns of institutional investors. It assigns as precise meaning to changes in investor appetite risk.


SINGAPORE (May 27): “We believe that the president of the US is engaged in a cover-up.”US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, following a meeting with other Democratic Party leaders on whether or not to impeach US President Donald Trump.

Singapore and Malaysia suspend intercity rail project


US ban on Huawei unnerves markets; more REIT listings in the pipeline?

SINGAPORE (May 27): The US’ decision to include Huawei Technologies on its US Entity List has added fuel to the trade tensions between itself and China. 

The markets were unsettled by the escalation, as investors digested the wide-ranging impact on not just China’s economy but also a long list of US technology parts suppliers. 

The US markets have been on a roller coaster ride, going up one day and down the next, with the Standard & Poor’s 500 index falling 0.3%, Nasdaq 0.45% and Dow Jones Industrial Average 0.4% on May 22.



SINGAPORE (Apr 15): “The patience of Ecuador has reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange.”Lenín Moreno, Ecuador’s president, on the decision to allow UK police to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who faces accusations of rape. Assange has called Ecuador’s embassy in London home since 2012.

UK and EU agree to delay Brexit until Oct 31


Brexit on course to be delayed

(Apr 11): Brexit is on course to be delayed until the end of October under a plan agreed by European Union leaders to remove the threat of a chaotic break-up later this week.

The blueprint hashed out during six hours of talks in Brussels allows the UK to stay in the bloc until Oct 31 to provide more time for the British government to get the divorce terms ratified in Parliament. A review of progress will be held in June.

Singapore M&A continues growth despite dwindling 1Q regional activity: Mergermarket

SINGAPORE (April 3): Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan nosedived over 1Q19 with just 666 deals amounting to US$119.9 billion ($162.3 billion), amid economic headwinds and a still-unresolved trade war between the US and China.

This is according to the latest report by Mergermarket, which highlights that 1Q19 dealmaking was at its lowest since 1Q19 in value after China’s growth began sputtering last year in 2H.

May's Brexit deal wins support but price might be her job

(Mar 27): UK Prime Minister Theresa May saw signs that her beleaguered Brexit deal might be winning support -- as it became clear that the price might be her job.

With Parliament preparing to vote on rival plans that could soften Britain’s departure from the European Union -- or cancel it altogether -- Brexit-backers in May’s Conservative Party began to signal that they could shift and back her deal in preference to risking their prize. But several said the prime minister would have to go.

Standoff over Brexit delay takes UK to edge of no-deal

LONDON (Mar 21): Theresa May gambled on a desperate bid to get her Brexit deal approved by Parliament, as a standoff with the European Union drove Britain to the brink of an economically disastrous no-deal divorce. 

The deadlock over how long to delay the UK’s exit from the EU plunges the country deeper into a political crisis that now seems likely to push the Brexit endgame into the final hours before next week’s deadline.

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Be informed of the stories that matter