8 fashion books that combine story and style - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


8 fashion books that combine story and style

Fashion fascinates — from how the Breton top got its name to vintage finds and clothes that conceal and not reveal — because every piece of good design tells a compelling story

Mayhem on the high seas - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Mayhem on the high seas

Stuart Turton returns with another mind-bending affair set in the 17th century in this murder mystery

Bittersweet symphony - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Bittersweet symphony

It is the end of a year that has upended the world and changed life as we know it. There has been loss, there has been grief, yet love thrives through it all.

Festive reads for the soul - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Festive reads for the soul

Some books simply beg to be read by a cosy nook, with hot chocolate or mulled wine.


Ordinary lives

Veteran Anne Tyler’s latest work is one of the 13 titles on this year’s Booker longlist 


Love in the time of Covid

SINGAPORE (June 19): The stories of great romances have long titillated, teased and tantalised.


A dose of irreverent humour

Author David Bobis has just released his latest book — a collection of humorous illustrations that is irreverent, in-your-face and (sometimes) unashamedly crude.


Exploring the realms of sci-fi and fantasy

SINGAPORE (May 29): For fans of the science fiction and fantasy genre, these books are like a spaceship, taking us far away from the “circuit breaker” lockdowns and outside our increasingly


Apropos of censorship + scandal

Woody Allen’s on-off-on memoir is set to widen opinions about whether he is a brilliant filmmaker-cum-writer or a classic nebbish 

Things to do

Your Week In

SINGAPORE (Apr 3): We’re well into week two of all pubs and bars being closed, and perhaps this is the time to cosy up with a good book.