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Fraxtor offers investors easier access to property development ventures

SINGAPORE (Sept 2): Those who have always wanted to get in on property development deals but lacked the capital to do it alone can now ride along with seasoned investors at a smaller quantum of $10

Startups • Entrepreneurs • Digital economy

Hashstacs aims to use blockchain to simplify processes in financial services sector

SINGAPORE (July 22): Gibraltar, despite its tiny size, is strategically located on Spain’s southern coast, with a vantage point that overlooks ships sailing in and out of the Mediterranean.


Walmart, Sam's Club start mandating suppliers use IBM Blockchain

(Sept of 25): After several years of tests, Walmart Inc is ready to mandate use of blockchain technology by a swath of its US suppliers, marking one of its biggest commercial uses.


MAS and SGX partner Anquan, Deloitte and Nasdaq to harness blockchain for settlement of tokenised assets

SINGAPORE (Aug 24): The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) are collaborating to develop Delivery versus Payment (DvP) capabilities for the settlement of tokenised as


FundedX, the secondary broker platform for Southeast Asia startups and private companies, launched

SINGAPORE (July 31): FundedHere, the Singapore-based crowdfunding platform, on Tuesday launched FundedX, a secondary broker platform that facilitates the trading of shares in high-growth startups a

DeClout’s vCargo Cloud to help launch blockchain-based electronic certificates of origin in Kenya

SINGAPORE (June 13): DeClout’s 50.01% subsidiary vCargo Cloud (VCC) is helping to to launch blockchain-based electronic certificates of origin (eCO) in Kenya.


HSBC says trade deal shows blockchain viable for trade finance

(May 14): HSBC Holdings Plc completed a transaction using blockchain which it said shows the technology is commercially viable for trade finance.


'Massive potential' in digital payments space, says SAC

SINGAPORE (Mar 19): SAC Advisors says the electronic payments landscape could be revolutionised in the next five to 10 years, as mobile payments become mainstream, blockchain technology starts to g


Securities Commission Malaysia pulls plug on ICO of Singapore's CopyCash

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): Singapore’s CopyCash Foundation was planning an initial coin offering (ICO) in Malaysia today, but this was thwarted by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).


Kodak surges after announcing plans to launch cryptocurrency called 'Kodakcoin'

(Jan 10): Kodak’s latest moment has it joining the cryptocurrency frenzy.

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