Riding the recovery after a rocky year - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Riding the recovery after a rocky year

Stock investors have put the pandemic shock behind them. How can they position their portfolio for more upside?


Bitcoin extends tumble in further blow to volatile crypto boom

Bitcoin resumed declines on Jan 13 as the digital coin heads for its worst week since March last year, casting doubt on the outlook for the cryptocurrency boom.

Morgan Stanley Unit Boosts Stake in Bitcoin-Loving MicroStrategy - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Morgan Stanley unit boosts stake in Bitcoin-loving MicroStrategy

Morgan Stanley’s investment management arm boosted a stake in Bitcoin vehicle MicroStrategy Inc. to more than 10% late last year.

Capital markets

Day-trader heaven arrives as Tesla, Bitcoin and stock options surge

It was another day of euphoria for Bitcoin boosters and the options-slinger set as virtually all their favorite things launched skyward.

Tech trends to watch in 2021 - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Tech trends to watch in 2021

Few could have predicted the disruption wrought by the coronavirus in 2020.

Bitcoin's biggest fans are hedge fund baby boomers - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Bitcoin's biggest fans are hedge fund baby boomers

Bitcoin is the ideal holiday gift for an underperforming hedge fund manager.


JPMorgan says Bitcoin could surge to US$146,000 in long term

Bitcoin has the potential to reach US$146,000 in the long term as it competes with gold as an asset class, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Bitcoin touches US$29,000 for another record high in a banner year

Bitcoin vaulted above US$29,000 ($38,403.20) to reach yet another record level on the last day of 2020, in a fitting end to a groundbreaking year for the world’s largest digital currency.


Bitcoin plunges along with other coins

Bitcoin plunged on Thursday in a sell-off that saw other digital assets fall more than 20%, a slide likely to stoke speculation about the durability of the latest boom in cryptocurrencies.


SGX aims to set pricing standard for Bitcoin in Asia

Singapore Exchange Ltd. is creating two new cryptocurrency indexes with the goal of setting the pricing standard for Bitcoin and Ethereum in Asia.

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