Biolidics enters into collaboration agreement with Genome Institute of Singapore

SINGAPORE (Sept 10): Biolidics has entered into an agreement with the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) to collaborate and develop a new and innovative liquid biopsy test in the field of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) for the assessment of minimal residual disease (MRD) and predicting the risk of relapse in women who had breast cancer.

Biolidics is the medical technology company with a focus on cancer diagnostic solutions while GIS is a unit of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Biolidics in partnership to expand into China cancer diagnostics market

SINGAPORE (June 25): Medical technology company Biolidics has entered into a partnership with Zhongshan TopGene Medical Laboratory Co to develop and commercialise laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) in the field of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) using Biolidics' ClearCell FX1 System and CTChip FR1 biochip.

Certified and licensed to undertake clinical trials in China, Zhongshan TopGene is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TopGene Tech (Guangzhou) Co which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the country.

Biolidics started at 'add' with 32 cents target by CGS-CIMB on liquid biopsy market

SINGAPORE (Mar 27): CGS-CIMB is starting coverage of biotech firm Biolidics at “add” given it has developed a game-changing liquid biopsy kit for cancer.

CGS-CIMB says liquid biopsy offers several advantages over tissue biopsy, including greater availability, higher quality and amount of tissue samples needed.

In addition, biotech firms like Biolidics could benefit from increasing insurance inclusion while more government initiatives and funding could spur medical advances and broaden the market adoption of its products.

Biolidics shares slump on Catalist debut

SINGAPORE (Dec 19): Just two hours into its debut on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) Catalist board, shares in medical technology firm Biolidics have slumped 23.2% from its listing price of 28 cents.

The stock on Wednesday opened 5.4% lower than its IPO price at 26.5 cents. As at 11.15am, Biolidics is trading at 21.5 cents, with some 4 million shares having changed hands.

Biolidics selling 27.5 mil new shares at 28 cents each in conjunction with Catalist listing

SINGAPORE (Dec 11): Medtech company Biolidics is selling 27.5 million new shares at 28 cents each to retail and institutional investors in a private placement ahead of its listing on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange.

See: Clearbridge Health associate Biolidics lodges prelim prospectus

Clearbridge Health associate Biolidics lodges prelim prospectus

SINGAPORE (Nov 26): Biolidics, a cancer diagnostic solutions developer and an associate company of Clearbridge Health, on Friday lodged a preliminary prospectus for a planned initial public offering (IPO) on the Singapore Exchange's Catalist board.

Biolidics, incorporated as Clearbridge Biomedics in 2009, specialises in developing cell enrichment systems that can be combined with other analytical tests for cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatment selection and monitoring.

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