Billion Dollar Club 2019


Venture, Hi-P and ThaiBev win on earnings growth, share price gain and ROE respectively

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): For all the competition from low-labour-cost locations, manufacturing remains a key pillar of Singapore’s economy. Astute manufacturers in the city state have long managed costs by setting up operations outside Singapore, while main

Billion Dollar Club 2019

Bumitama willing to lead industry-wide sustainability efforts

SINGAPOER (Sept 16): It was a video that went viral across the world — an evocative tale of an orang utan that ends up “moving into” a little girl’s bedroom because its home in the forest had been destroyed by oil palm plantations. Commissioned b


ST Engineering, Haw Par, Hotel Properties win top spots for second year running

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): Even as international markets and companies are falling prey to rising volatility, Singapore Technologies Engineering is powering through the macroeconomic uncertainties — not unlike one of its new Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicles.


Mapletree's trio dominates real estate investment trust sector

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): In the last 20 years, the growing universe of real estate investment trusts — with its track record of comparative stability and steady returns and a combined market value of about $100 billion — has helped the Singapore Exchange