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Impossible Foods may be the Tesla of meat

There is now an alternative for vegetarians — plant-based meat. It is part of the booming alternative protein industry.
Investor appetite for alternative meats grow amid concerns of food safety and security - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Investor appetite for alternative meats grows amid concerns of food safety and security

For something dubbed "fake meat", the investment potential is quite real.


Beyond Meat faces an ancient rival in China — tofu

If Beyond Meat wants to get in on vegetarianism among China’s affluent classes, it needs a product to match the market.

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Jack(fruit) of all Trades

Whole-plant based alternative meat brand, Karana, is offering a unique proposition to the Asian market: using jackfruit as pork.

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Go green with Porta

Porta at the Park Hotel Clarke Quay could be the place you are looking for, for good eats with a conscience

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A layman's guide to investing in tech companies

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Investors on Wall Street are clearly losing appetite for overhyped loss-making technology companies with uncertain business models and unclear paths to profitability. The disaster surrounding WeWork’s planned and now-aborted IPO is t

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Singapore first in Asia to taste food made from spirulina algae

SINGAPORE (June 26): Following the footsteps of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, Israeli startup Simpliigood wants you to eat its food products made from spirulina – a type of algae. And Singapore will be its first market in Asia.


Beyond rich: Billion-dollar faux meat movement overlooks the hungry half

SINGAPORE (May 6): On May 2, the maker of what is essentially fake meat raised US$241 million ($328.36 million) in an IPO on Nasdaq. California-based Beyond Meat sold 9.63 million shares at US$25 each, the top of the pricing range. The listing gives the 1

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From lab to table

Clever marketing and big money have combined to attract some consumers to meat replacements grown in labs. Is mass-market appeal a matter of time or an impossible feat?


Temasek-backed Impossible Foods to contest Bill Gates' Beyond Meat in Singapore

SINGAPORE (Mar 6): Starting today, blocks of Impossible Foods Inc.’s plant-based meat will be delivered to eight restaurants in Singapore to be made into a variety of cuisine from burgers and ‘meatballs,’ to char kway teow and ‘beef’ Wellington