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Investor appetite for alternative meats grow amid concerns of food safety and security - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Investor appetite for alternative meats grows amid concerns of food safety and security

Investors are eyeing plant-based meat brands as Covid-19 spurs consumer interest in health and wellness, and casts a spotlight on food safety and the global food supply chain


Beyond Meat faces an ancient rival in China — tofu

You wouldn’t try to sell coal to Newcastle. So how would you rate your chances of peddling meat substitutes to the country that invented tofu? 

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Jack(fruit) of all Trades

Alternative meats are taking the world by storm. New players Karana are now throwing their hats into the ring but they are not going by the beaten path.

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Go green with Porta

It has been a tough few months but good food is always a mood booster.

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A layman's guide to investing in tech companies

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Investors on Wall Street are clearly losing appetite for overhyped loss-making technology companies with uncertain business models and unclear paths to profitability.

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Singapore first in Asia to taste food made from spirulina algae

SINGAPORE (June 26): Following the footsteps of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, Israeli startup Simpliigood wants you to eat its food products made from spirulina – a type of algae


Beyond rich: Billion-dollar faux meat movement overlooks the hungry half

SINGAPORE (May 6): On May 2, the maker of what is essentially fake meat raised US$241 million ($328.36 million) in an IPO on Nasdaq.

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From lab to table

Clever marketing and big money have combined to attract some consumers to meat replacements grown in labs. Is mass-market appeal a matter of time or an impossible feat?


Temasek-backed Impossible Foods to contest Bill Gates' Beyond Meat in Singapore

SINGAPORE (Mar 6): Starting today, blocks of Impossible Foods Inc.’s plant-based meat will be delivered to eight restaurants in Singapore to be made into a variety of cuisine from burgers and ‘meat