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Mark Carney sees 'wall of opportunity' for energy investors

"The smart money is following an absolute wall of opportunity in just rolling out clean energy at scale"
Fed and BOE prepare 75 basis-point salvos on inflation - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Global Economy

Fed and BOE prepare 75 basis-point salvos on inflation

For the Fed, the fourth such out-sized move on Wednesday will bring it to a crossroads.

Global Economy

Where has all the liquidity gone?

We must ask what blame central banks bear for financial markets’ current fragility.

Global Economy

Liz Truss vs the Bank of England

The best way the government can stabilize the UK economy and fight inflation, however, is to reverse more of the planned tax cuts


Gilt chaos was made in UK but has lessons for everyone

"We're witnessing the further unravelling of the grand experiment of central banks over the past 15 years."

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El-Erian says BOE needs a full point hike on UK's 'Big Gamble'

“The government has time now to try and get the situation back under control.”
Stress-testing climate change scenarios - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Climate change

Stress-testing climate change scenarios

Central banks are focusing on stress testing and scenario analysis on the economic impacts of climate change.


Half of employers see UK's allure fading with Brexit: CBI survey

LONDON (Dec 19): Half of British employers think the country's attractiveness as a place to invest and hire will diminish over the next five years as it leaves the European Union, an annual business survey showed on Monday.

US growth already getting a downgrade before polling day

SINGAPORE (Oct 4): Fitch Ratings has revised down its forecast for US growth in FY16 to 1.4% from 1.8% in July, according to its latest bi­monthly Global Economic Outlook (GEO) report for Sept.


Pound’s drop on Carney adds to slide that may soften Brexit blow

(July 1): The pound dropped after Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said the central bank may need to loosen monetary policy as it tries to contain the fallout from Britain’s decision to quit the European Union.