Assif Shameen


AI, armed drones and the next-gen warfare

AI is reshaping not only the battlefields but also the way wars are planned and fought, says contributor Assif Shameen.


Why robotaxis are a hot mess

Robotaxis may have made a mess of things in San Francisco recently but it is still early days of the experiment


The end of an era for global automakers

I don't believe we need so many car makers to lead us in the coming era of AV


What's next for Nvidia and the ongoing AI boom

Make no mistake: the AI revolution is almost here

Private equity

The ugly side of private equity

Why does PE get such bad publicity? For one thing, it has traditionally 'extracted' wealth, rather than creating wealth
Air taxis are finally revving up for take-off - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Air taxis are finally revving up for take-off

What was sci-fi 38 years ago is ready for prime-time reality
It's time for Amazon to pivot to 'Day One' - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Digital Economy

It's time for Amazon to pivot to 'Day One'

Instead of making riskier bets, Amazon might want to pivot back to Day One


How regulators killed cryptocurrencies

Crypto's goose is cooked. The game is over


Vision Pro is the face of computing's future

The Vision Pro is Apple's bet on where computing and personal communications are headed

Artificial Intelligence

What's all the fuss about Nvidia and the AI bubble?

The market had underestimated the chipmakers’ ability to leverage their leadership in AI chips