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Schroders launches new fund to deliver stable returns with reduced risk in 'all market conditions'

SINGAPORE (Aug 16): Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) has launched its new fund, the Schroder ISF Global Target Return, which aims to “grow wealth and preserve capital in all market conditions” by flexibly investing across asset classes globally.

This includes a diversified range of growth, defensive and diversifying assets from more than 40 countries across 15,000 stocks, 18,000 bonds and other investments such as alternatives and currencies.  

Will the crypto bubble burst this year?

SINGAPORE (Jan 19): The high volatility and performance displayed by cryptocurrencies in 2017 have made the ‘crypto bubble’ a most visible one, according to Saxo Bank’s chief economist and CIO, Steen Jakobsen.

The bank’s latest quarterly outlook turns its focus to bubbles, and covers the online multi-asset trading & investment specialist’s main asset classes: foreign exchange (forex), equities, commodities, bonds as well as a range of central macro themes.

Put event risk at core of portfolio strategies, Eastspring tells investors

SINGAPORE (May 31): Liquidity is a double-edged sword, according to Virginie Maisonneuve, chief investment officer (CIO) of Eastspring Investments, a member of Prudential (UK).

While the liquidity environment created by regulators and central banks to-date has been supportive of capital markets and provides a “tame” backdrop to the global investment landscape, Maisonneuve warns of heightened risk of tail events – infrequently occurring events that bring a large negative impact on portfolio returns.

Yuan weakness is metals’ strength: Bloomberg Gadfly

SINGAPORE (Nov 17): Most commodities are denominated in, and therefore pegged to, the US dollar but these days the Chinese yuan is starting to have as much influence on prices.

While there were fundamental triggers behind the recent spike and drop in raw materials, it's becoming clear that Chinese trading was among the main drivers. Investors in the northeastern city of Dalian have been piling back into commodities in a replay of what happened earlier this year. That's partly because they're seeking to protect their global purchasing power as the Chinese currency loses value.

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Be informed of the stories that matter