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US stocks

Markets roiled by inflation leave investors with nowhere to hide

Persistent increase in core inflation is bad new for assets of all stripes.

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Counting ca$h

Why is cash so important and where does it stand among our investments?

Investing strategies

Invest in timberland, benefit the climate

Timberland has proven itself a compelling asset class
Asset classes: Different strokes for different folks - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Financially Savvy

Asset classes: Different strokes for different folks

One of the ways the investing universe can be grouped or categorised is by asset classes.
Is there a limit to socialising private-sector debt in times of crisis? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Tong's Portfolio

Is there a limit to socialising private-sector debt in times of crisis?

The consequences of excessive public debt can be extremely dire, especially for emerging markets.


Real estate is more than about location during uncertain times

In the 64 years since, asset-specific risk and high-level macro issues have become increasingly important considerations, as have understanding what drives risk and return in this complex and diverse asset class and how it correlates with others.

Global Economy

Covid-19 a shock to demand and supply but structural impact on long term growth unlikely

As the virus spreads further across Europe, US and elsewhere, the probability that it could ultimately lead to a more significant slowdown in global activity is increasing.


Schroders launches new fund to deliver stable returns with reduced risk in 'all market conditions'

SINGAPORE (Aug 16): Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) has launched its new fund, the Schroder ISF Global Target Return, which aims to “grow wealth and preserve capital in all market conditions” by flexibly investing across asset classes globa


Will the crypto bubble burst this year?

SINGAPORE (Jan 19): The high volatility and performance displayed by cryptocurrencies in 2017 have made the ‘crypto bubble’ a most visible one, according to Saxo Bank’s chief economist and CIO, Steen Jakobsen.

Investing strategies

Put event risk at core of portfolio strategies, Eastspring tells investors

SINGAPORE (May 31): Liquidity is a double-edged sword, according to Virginie Maisonneuve, chief investment officer (CIO) of Eastspring Investments, a member of Prudential (UK).