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Asian shares fall amid uncertainty about Georgia senate runoff

Asian shares edged lower on Tuesday amid uncertainty about Senate runoffs in Georgia.

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IMF says Asia faces long recovery slog even as China grows

Among support measures governments and central banks can offer to their economies, the IMF said debt monetization can be an option


Exchange outage is latest blow to Tokyo's financial hub dreams

Tokyo Stock Exchange CEO Koichiro Miyahara has apologised for the incident, and vowed to thoroughly investigate the cause.


Asian shares set to rise as recovery comes into focus

Asian shares were set to gain on Wednesday, encouraged by buoyant US moves that followed stronger-than-expected manufacturing indicators while the dollar emerged from its recent lows against the euro.

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Asian markets closely tied to China’s recovery will outperform peers over the next year, says BlackRock

BlackRock Inc., which oversees US$6.47 trillion in global assets, expects stocks and bonds in China, and its trading partners such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, will do better than global emerging markets over the next six to 12 months.


Asian markets rally, but will lingering virus fears spoil the party?

“The market is resigning itself to the fact that in the absence of an effective vaccine, the virus will not amazingly vanish.” - Stephen Innes, chief global market strategist with AxiCorp Ltd.


How automation is set to revive Singapore’s competitive advantages

SINGAPORE (Aug 22): Despite acknowledging that intelligent technology could progressively claim many jobs, the Singapore government is also confident that artificial intelligence (AI) will concurrently create new jobs in areas such as data analytics, cybe
Trump, Obama

What Trump means for the markets

After an initial bout of panic, investors are getting comfortable with the idea of Donald Trump as US President. But it will not be status quo. Fund managers and wealth advisers explain how the investment landscape is about to change.