Asian economies

Asian fixed income stays steady amid yield turbulence - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Bonds and treasuries

Asian fixed income stays steady amid yield turbulence

While the recent spike in bond yields affected Asian bonds, the muted impact hints at resilience.

Global review

Will Covid-19 spell the end of Asia's family businesses?

Things will get worse for these family businesses as bank and government support is slowly withdrawn.


East Asia's new edge

Death tolls do not lie. The most striking disparity in Covid-19 fatalities to date is between East Asian countries, where the total number of deaths per million inhabitants is consistently below 10, and much of the West, where the numbers are in the hundr

Global Economy

When pondering how much worse, Asia stock traders think 2008

he Federal Reserve’s move to slash its key interest rate by a full percentage point to near zero over the weekend failed to stem declines, while containment and stimulus measures announced by several countries elicited a similar reaction.

Aviation & Engineering

Airport passenger traffic in Asia-Pacific set to plunge 24% in first quarter

Takeoff and landing slot rules mean airlines must fill at least 80% of their slots in any given season, or risk losing their allocation next time round.

Oil & Gas

Markets brace for the worst as oil politics fuels panic in virus-hit economy

As regional oil producers, Indonesia and Malaysia are likely to be in the firing line, with Singapore’s “huge” petrochemical industry taking a hit as well.

Sector Focus

Why Northeast Asian economies needn't panic over the global electronics slowdown

SINGAPORE (Mar 5): Oxford Economics says the prospects of Northeast Asian economies, which are uniquely exposed to the ongoing global electronics slowdown, are not as bleak as they seem.


Global economy still looks good for Asia

SINGAPORE (Apr 30): Recent weeks have seen investors becoming more nervous. Bond, equity and currency markets have turned more volatile. It appears that three sets of risks have conspired to hurt business and investor sentiment — signs of slower global