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Death tolls do not lie.

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When pondering how much worse, Asia stock traders think 2008

SINGAPORE (Mar 17): This could be as bad as 2008 -- if not worse.


Airport passenger traffic in Asia-Pacific set to plunge 24% in first quarter

(Mar 9): Airport passenger traffic in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to take a 24% hit in the first quarter from the coronavirus, leading to a US$3 billion ($4.2 billion) decline in airport re


Markets brace for the worst as oil politics fuels panic in virus-hit economy

SINGAPORE (Mar 9): Oil prices suffered the greatest price collapse since 1991 after Saudi Arabia ignited a price war with Russia following the latter’s refusal to join production cuts with OPEC. 

Sector Focus

Why Northeast Asian economies needn't panic over the global electronics slowdown

SINGAPORE (Mar 5): Oxford Economics says the prospects of Northeast Asian economies, which are uniquely exposed to the ongoing global electronics slowdown, are not as bleak as they seem.


Global economy still looks good for Asia

SINGAPORE (Apr 30): Recent weeks have seen investors becoming more nervous. Bond, equity and currency markets have turned more volatile.

US president Donald Trump


Trump’s trade policy: growing risks to Asia

SINGAPORE (April 17): In the past two weeks, the Trump Administration has initiated a series of moves on trade, which shows that the US’ trade policies under its new president are beginning to take


Asia’s future: No escape from the US

SINGAPORE (March 20): Love it or hate it, Asia is inextricably tied to the US.

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