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Nvidia H100: This is the chip behind AI's supersonic stock rally

The H100 name is a nod to computer science pioneer Grace Hopper

Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft, Alphabet under pressure to show AI earnings boost

'AI might facilitate growth over the foreseeable future, but I’m not sure most big tech stocks have much to show for it yet'

US stocks

This isn't your father's S&P 500. Don't worry about valuations

If the weighting of these companies continues to grow then the valuation expansion could have further room to run

Global Markets

Cloudy with a chance of 'Japanese' meatballs

Among developed markets, Japan has got the most going for it
Nvidia's red-hot 2024 start a bright spot as S&P 500 eyes record - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia's red-hot 2024 start a bright spot as S&P 500 eyes record

'From my standpoint, Nvidia is best of breed'


HPE to buy Juniper Networks for US$14 billion in expansion bet

Juniper has touted the potential for new artificial intelligence services to boost growth

Artificial Intelligence

Arm CEO Haas fears humans could lose control of AI

'You need some override, some backdoor, some way that the system can be shut down'

Artificial Intelligence

How a turbulent week changed the future of AI

Right now, there is too much doomerism with people screaming that AI development needs to slow down immediately

Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia fails to satisfy lofty investor expectations for AI boom

While Nvidia posted another quarter of impressive growth, some investors were clearly anticipating more

Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI board pressed by Microsoft and other investors to restore Altman

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been in touch with Altman and pledged to support him in whatever steps he takes next