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The Edge Singapore launches the all-new Brokers' Digest LIVE webcast series

Starting Sept 8, 2020, The Edge Singapore is launching the all-new Brokers’ Digest LIVE webcast series.

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A tech war will be the end for this bull market

(May 27): Investors should probably brace for a protracted impasse on trade talks between the US and China.


Hey Google, whatever happened to revenue growth?

SINGAPORE (May 20): In the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2008, a bunch of US tech firms emerged as icons of growth in a slow-growing world.

Data privacy

Amazon workers are listening to what you tell Alexa

SINGAPORE (Apr 15): Tens of millions of people use smart speakers and their voice software to play games, find music or trawl for trivia.


Facebook surges after sending upbeat message to Wall Street

SAN FRANCISCO (Apr 27): Facebook Inc.’s message for investors is clear: the business is healthy and growing.


3 reasons why tech is still in a secular uptrend

SINGAPORE (Apr 23): With FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) stocks retreating from their 2018 highs and tech valuations settling, how should global investors react?


Amazon bets on machine learning to beat Microsoft, Alphabet

(Nov 30): Inc. unveiled new machine-learning tools, including algorithms that automate decisions and speech recognition, seeking to solidify its dominant position over Microsoft Corp.


Have tech stocks surged too far too fast?

SINGAPORE (Oct 13): For much of this year, global investors have been enamoured with “growth”, chasing large-cap tech stocks, or FAANNG — social media giant Facebook, e-commerce behemoth


How streaming changed the music industry

(July 24): Stephen Witt recalls downloading thousands of bootlegged songs onto his MP3 music player in his Chicago college dorm room 20 years ago.


Apple is working with Hertz to manage its self-driving car fleet

SAN FRANCISCO (June 27): Apple Inc. is leasing a small fleet of cars from Hertz Global Holdings Inc. to test self-driving technology, an agreement that echoes a larger deal between competitors Alph

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