Europe's Digital Markets Act would hurt messaging

For years now, the most serious threat to dominant Big Tech companies has been regulation rather than competition from upstarts.


Reliance Jio to invest US$200 million in mobile startup Glance

The funding from Jio Platforms values the startup at about US$1.7 billion

US stocks

Meta's stalled growth separates it from megacap pack

"The reaction to Facebook was pretty extreme, but it’s pretty hard to argue with it."


Even after big price cuts, these tech stocks are no bargains

Higher interest rates suggest a healthy economy, but they also have a deflating influence on how future profits are valued.
A reckoning for Big Tech? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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A reckoning for Big Tech?

Come 2022, there will be more antitrust action and large tech companies are the primary targets.

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Microsoft could again unseat Apple as most valuable company

The main drivers of Microsoft's strong results are sustainable for the foreseeable future.


Paying for news and the end of 'free' internet

Paying for new and the end of 'free' internet.

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The Edge Singapore launches the all-new Brokers' Digest LIVE webcast series

This Brokers’ Digest LIVE webcast series, to be aired on TES’ Facebook Live, provides a catch up before the opening bell on the US market.

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A tech war will be the end for this bull market

(May 27): Investors should probably brace for a protracted impasse on trade talks between the US and China. After the latest round of tariff hikes by both countries, China appears to have hardened its stance, with state media ramping up nationalistic rhet


Hey Google, whatever happened to revenue growth?

SINGAPORE (May 20): In the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2008, a bunch of US tech firms emerged as icons of growth in a slow-growing world. Investors bet on Apple,, Alphabet, Netflix, Facebook and Microsoft because they had one th