Changing mindsets to meet needs of the ageing population

SINGAPORE (Nov 12): When it comes to keeping older workers employed, Singapore has scored well among developed nations. But more can be done, says London Business School Professor Andrew Scott.


Are Singapore businesses doing enough for 'vulnerable' older workers?

SINGAPORE (Sept 18): With more than a third of the working-age population in Singapore projected to be above the age of 50 by 2030, businesses here will increasingly need to do more to tap the tale


Prudential extends medical coverage for workers up to 100 years old

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): The thought of living and working up to 100 years old might give reason to cheer or groan – depending on how you look at it.


Staying healthy for longer the most 'cost-effective healthcare system', experts say

SINGAPORE (July 26): Singapore has the highest life expectancy among Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, with average life expectancy increasing from 76.1 years in 199


Disease prevention, curbing costs, better caregiving support are key strategies for coping with ageing

SINGAPORE (July 29): Eight in 10 medical practitioners say Singapore’s healthcare system should focus more on disease prevention, as Singaporeans live longer and are predisposed to chronic diseases


Improving quality of life

Singaporeans are living longer but not necessarily healthier, and that has implications for the state and economy. There are ways, however, for policymakers to incentivise good health.


SmartPeep uses AI to help people age gracefully at home

SINGAPORE (July 1): Local entrepreneur Lim Meng Hui was working on an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled security system to detect intruders when his grandmother fell and lay helpless.


CPF not enough: How will elderly Singaporeans find the $1,379 a month needed to thrive?

SINGAPORE (June 14): Researchers in Singapore have determined that an elderly person living alone would need $1,379 every month to maintain a basic standard of living.


Get ready to support older Singaporeans, one way or another

SINGAPORE (June 17): Researchers in Singapore have determined that $1,379, down to the dollar, is what an elderly person living alone would need every month to thrive in today’s Singapore.


World's retirees risk running out of money a decade before death

SINGAPORE (June 17): One of the toughest problems retirees face is making sure their money lasts as long as they do.

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