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Singapore Medical Group announces $50 mil share purchase from existing shareholder CHA

SINGAPORE (Feb 20): Singapore Medical Group (SMG) says its 6.86% shareholder CHA Healthcare Singapore (CHAS) is increasing its stake in the group to 24.13% by purchasing existing shares from certai

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A new year and a new you

At the beginning of the year, it is almost customary to make resolutions for self-improvement. If looking better is one of your goals, head to SW1 Clinic.


Success favours the well-groomed

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): There is a subtle but pervasive trend you might not have noticed: The majority of power players, visionaries and CEOs featured in the media tend to be immaculately groomed.


Accrelist swings back to profitability in FY18 after change in accounting treatment

SINGAPORE (May 30): Accrelist, the provider of corporate accretion services, swung back to profitability with earnings of $0.2 million in FY18 from $8.3 million in losses the previous year.


Singapore Medical Group swings around with record FY16 earnings of $2.4 mil

SINGAPORE (Feb 27): Singapore Medical Group (SMG), the healthcare services provider, has swung back into profitability for FY16 with record earnings of $2.4 million on higher revenue.

Mary Chia to defend against arbitration claims

SINGAPORE (Aug 24): Mary Chia Holdings is presently engaged in a legal battle against its former joint venture (JV) partner, Slim Beauty House (SBH), a company incorporated in Japan.