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Singapore Medical Group announces $50 mil share purchase from existing shareholder CHA

SINGAPORE (Feb 20): Singapore Medical Group (SMG) says its 6.86% shareholder CHA Healthcare Singapore (CHAS) is increasing its stake in the group to 24.13% by purchasing existing shares from certain SMG shareholders via a $50 million investment.  

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A new year and a new you

At the beginning of the year, it is almost customary to make resolutions for self-improvement. If looking better is one of your goals, head to SW1 Clinic.


Success favours the well-groomed

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): There is a subtle but pervasive trend you might not have noticed: The majority of power players, visionaries and CEOs featured in the media tend to be immaculately groomed. From their full head of hair and glowing skin to their well-pre


Accrelist swings back to profitability in FY18 after change in accounting treatment

SINGAPORE (May 30): Accrelist, the provider of corporate accretion services, swung back to profitability with earnings of $0.2 million in FY18 from $8.3 million in losses the previous year.


Singapore Medical Group swings around with record FY16 earnings of $2.4 mil

SINGAPORE (Feb 27): Singapore Medical Group (SMG), the healthcare services provider, has swung back into profitability for FY16 with record earnings of $2.4 million on higher revenue.

Mary Chia to defend against arbitration claims

SINGAPORE (Aug 24): Mary Chia Holdings is presently engaged in a legal battle against its former joint venture (JV) partner, Slim Beauty House (SBH), a company incorporated in Japan.