2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

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Hunt for bargains in the virus economy, but beware a volatile US dollar

SINGAPORE (Apr 24): While opportunities exist for savvy bargain-hunters amid the doom and gloom of the Covid-19 pandemic, investors must prepare for the risk of further market volatility.

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Singapore's tourism industry rolls up sleeves to grapple with Covid-19's 'uncharted territory'

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): Singapore’s tourism sector is expected to take a significant hit this year due to the 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

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UnUsUaL's all-time low share price a buying opportunity for investors: RHB

SINGAPORE (Feb 12): Year-to-date, the share price of UnUsUaL has plunged some 32% as the group was forced to postpone large-scale events such as the JJ Lin concerts in Australia and Hong Kong.


All eyes on Singapore's virus Budget

(Feb 12): With more than two-score coronavirus infections and the threat raised to the second-highest level of severity, Singapore may not want to leave anything to chance when the budget is unveil


Visitor arrivals to Singapore expected to drop as much as 30% due to coronavirus outbreak

SINGAPORE (Feb 11): Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak in Singapore that has so far infected 45 people, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said in a media conference on Tuesday that tourist arrival


As Asia panics, one country wins praise for approach to virus

(Feb 11): As governments in Asia struggle to reassure their populations over the coronavirus, public health experts say Singapore’s approach in communicating to the public is providing a model for


Keep calm and stay vigilant amid novel coronavirus outbreak: SBF

SINGAPORE (Feb 10): Amid the panic buying at supermarkets throughout the country, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has called on Singaporeans to keep calm and stay vigilant.


Coronavirus outbreak hits Singapore's financial centre

SINGAPORE (Feb 10): Singapore’s coronavirus outbreak has spread to its financial centre, with some staff at major companies being told to work from home for at least the next few days and temperatu

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Opportune time to accumulate CRCT on dip, analysts say

SINGAPORE (Feb 10): Since Jan 24, units in CapitaLand Retail China Trust (CRCT) has shed some 9.09% or 15 cents to trade at $1.51 on Monday morning.


Aviation firms bugging out from Singapore Airshow after virus fallout spreads across Europe

(Feb 9): Coronavirus cases traced to a business meeting in Singapore have reached three European countries after causing infections in Asia, raising fears of a so-called super-spreader event.

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