SINGAPORE (Oct 6): For FY2008 ended June 30, the Singapore Exchange reported that the daily average value of securities trading was $2.1 billion.

That figure has since fallen to $1.1 billion for FY2016.

Meanwhile, financial information on companies is becoming more easily available to ordinary investors. Then, there is the emergence of short-selling research firms which have proven to be some of the strongest voices in the market in recent years.

Nevetheless, Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, who became a stock analyst in 2004, insists that his profession is not dying more than a decade into the job.

“Whether we are going to see an end of equity analysis as we know it is a moot point... As long as there is going to be an equity, somebody has to value that equity,” he says.

“This line of work is under siege by a number of trends. But it just needs to discover a new business model.”

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