The Marcel Collection was designed by Kazuhide Takahama, who, in 1957, presented the Japanese stand at the XI Triennial in Milan where he got to know furniture designer, Dino Gavina. This marked the start of a prolific working relationship and lasting friendship.

Takahama, was born in Japan in 1930, later on relocated to Italy and was commissioned by numerous Italian design houses for both residential and public projects. He died in Bologna aged 80.    

This year, from 5 – 8 October, Marquis HnC collaborated with Billiani Italy at Unearth Asia 2017 by Design Pier and Industry+, where it showcased the Marcel Tables from the iconic Marcel Collection by Billiani Italy during the event. Marcel is a re-launch of Takahama’s original 1974 series of works, which Billiani Italy hopes to continue through the history of design.

The collection can now be viewed at Marquis HnC Showroom in Singapore. 

With the aim of preserving the traditional forms of designs and local identity through craftsmanship, the four-day event saw leading-edge contemporary designers from various Asian countries. Unearth Asia 2017 showcased several unique and high-end design pieces, many of which offered a strong connection with the state-of-the-art design trends.  

Faithfully re-proposed in chrome metal rod and with clear or smoked glass, this revisitation of the Marcel original develops some variations in the materials, bringing in lacquered wood and marble as top alternatives. It extends the format options in the same proportions.

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