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2020/12/04STI's bullish moves after US election to continue
2020/09/25Short term bounce aside, STI's downdrift likely to persist
2020/09/11STI: Indicators stay weak as volatility sets in
2020/09/04STI: Some indicators turn negative despite a steady market
2020/08/28STI stabilises but stuck in narrow range; banks could firm
2020/08/21STI could stabilise initially but likely to weaken towards end-month
2020/08/14A relatively stable week ahead as short-term indicators turn up
2020/07/24Directional movement hints of selling pressure ahead
2020/07/17Short-term sideways but rally could return
2020/07/09Latent strength keeps market on steady path
2020/07/03Support holds, expect all round steadier phase
2020/06/12Somewhat volatile but upside still stands
2020/06/05The market's breakout looks good
2020/05/01Time for STI to gain strength against SPX
2020/04/17STI breaks out of minor resistance, setting upside target
2020/04/03STI rebound fails but establishes resistance at 2,561
2020/03/27Rebound can move higher before fizzling out
2020/03/20Paltry rebound for STI; new support at 2,311
2020/03/13STI readies for rebound
2020/03/06STI remains weak as it tests 2018 low
2020/02/28STI oversold in short term, weak in long term
2020/02/21STI held down by some heavyweights
2020/02/14Resistance approaches for STI; breakout challenging
2020/02/07Expect continued volatility for STI
2020/01/31STI pressured by declining momentum and stochastics
2020/01/11Market's breakout still valid, STI to test 3,300
2020/01/03STI breaks out, set to test 3,300
2019/12/20STI meanders; momentum strengthens
2019/12/13STI continues to strengthen but no sign of breakout
2019/12/06Short-term bottom at hand; rebound likely
2019/11/29Prices likely to form minor bottom soon
2019/11/22Consolidation continues despite rebound attempt
2019/11/15Pause to continue as STI drifts sideways
2019/11/08Temporary pause likely after breakout
2019/11/01Resistance at hand; STI may break out
2019/10/25Rally has legs as short-term indicators continue to strengthen
2019/10/21Rebound should continue as short-term indicators strengthen
2019/10/04STI approaches support; indicators continue decline
2019/09/27Selling pressure abates but STI eases further
2019/09/07Upmove gathers momentum
2019/08/30Rebound should continue
2019/08/24Minor positive divergence appears
2019/08/16Short term indicators oversold
2019/07/06Right timing: STI approaches resistance; indicators overbought
2019/05/31Right timing: Downwards drift continues despite oversold readings
2019/05/18Right timing: STI reaches support, decline to slow
2019/04/20Right timing: STI’s upclimb supported by momentum and moving averages
2019/04/12Right timing: STI upclimb supported by momentum and moving averages
2019/03/29Right Timing: STI stable despite global market volatility
2019/03/23Right timing: STI stays intact, but Hong Fok is at extreme overbought high
2019/03/16Right timing: Blue-chips and STI test supports
2019/03/02Right timing: STI consolidation could continue
2019/02/22Right timing: Temporary pause as STI consolidates gains
2019/01/04Right timing: STI gains strength against developed markets
2018/11/23Right timing: STI and short- and medium-term indicators have stabilised
2018/11/09Right timing: Index stays near resistance, short term cycle still upwards
2018/11/02Right timing: STI approaches resistance after relief rebound
2018/10/19Right timing: Signs of short-term stability emerging from STI
2018/10/12Right timing: STI could bounce, then resume downtrend
2018/10/05Right timing: STI retreats from resistance
2018/09/29Right timing: Further upside for STI likely in the short term
2018/09/22Right timing: STI rally has legs
2018/09/14Right timing: STI should attempt rebound soon
2018/09/07Right timing: STI should attempt rebound soon
2018/08/25Right timing: STI attempts to hold at July low
2018/08/18STI approaches July low; indicators remain weak
2018/07/20Right timing: Relief rally for STI towards 3,375
2018/07/07Market plumbs to oversold lows
2018/06/22Right timing: Awaiting rebound amid accelerated decline
2018/06/15Right timing: STI drifts below 200-day moving average
2018/05/11Right timing: STI intact as momentum rebounds but pattern is sideways
2018/05/04Right timing: Market volatility to continue as short-term indicators turn down
2018/04/27Right timing: STI could turn volatile as short-term indicators peak; Venture encounters support
2018/04/20Right timing: STI challenges resistance
2018/03/30Right timing: STI attempts rebound but remains below consolidation range
2018/03/23Right timing: STI breaks below consolidation range; breakdown at hand for DBS
2018/03/17Right timing: STI stays sideways; SingTel attempts breakout
2018/03/10Right timing: STI stays in corrective mode; Creative's huge volatility seen abating
2018/03/02Right timing: STI likely to ease as uptrend ends
2018/02/24Right timing: Tread cautiously as STI approaches resistance
2018/02/02Right timing: SembMarine surges out of bull flag as STI languishes
2018/01/26Right timing: Short-term pause; uptrend intact for now
2018/01/19Right timing: M&A spurs market action
2017/12/29Right timing: Rebound set for the new year
2017/12/15Right timing: STI struggles but uptrend intact
2017/12/01Right timing: Continuation pattern implies new upside
2017/11/24Right timing: Midas is short-term oversold; STI's uptrend intact
2017/11/17Right timing: Temporary correction underway for banks
2017/11/10Right timing: O&M stocks strengthen; STI heads higher
2017/10/27Right timing: Rotational interest buoys STI
2017/10/20Right timing: STI encounters resistance, attempts breakout
2017/10/14Right timing: STI's ascent continues; momentum turns up
2017/10/06Right timing: STI has room to rise as rebound gathers momentum
2017/09/29Right timing: Rebound phase still valid, short term indicators rising
2017/09/22Right timing: Minor rebound could continue to build
2017/09/08Right timing: STI’s technical indicators weaken
2017/08/25Right timing: Continued correction as market leader loses steam
2017/08/18Right timing: Correction persists as annual momentum falters
2017/08/18Right timing: Best World punters get cold feet
2017/08/11Right timing: Correction deepens, main uptrend intact
2017/08/04Right timing: Short-term headwinds, uptrend intact
2017/07/29Right timing: Facing resistance; uptrend intact
2017/07/21Right timing: STI’s uptrend resumes; mixed bag for blue chips
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