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2023/12/07Why some stock markets perform and others don’t … and ideas to improve
2023/11/30Finally, we are investing again — added six stocks with high, resilient dividend yields
2023/11/07The Malaysian housing industry is efficient and competitive — the government should just focus on public housing
2023/11/03Home ownership and affordability in Malaysia: Facts and myths
2023/10/26Why are US home prices up despite sharp rise in mortgage rates, and is it sustainable?
2023/10/19Stating the obvious: Stock prices can only perform with sustained profit growth and positive prospects
2023/10/12Punch bowl taken away, the party is ending
2023/10/05Put up guard rails before the circus begins: Reducing Bursa’s board lot size
2023/09/28Should Malaysia force wages to rise through direct wage policy intervention?
2023/09/21‘Greedflation’, stock prices and the policy implications
2023/09/14Right to leave domestic interest rates unchanged, but ringgit will weaken
2023/09/07Chasing the small caps now will likely end in tears
2023/08/30WeWork: The rise and collapse of the ‘throw enough money and it will work’ business model
2023/08/26Targeting 45% labour share of total income for Malaysia is imprudent and without basis
2023/08/17With US stocks priced to near perfection, cash will be king … again
2023/02/23The limitations of our knowledge narrow our windows of opportunity
2023/01/12No Santa rally yet Deep Deep did it again
2022/10/20Can Man beat Machine in stock investing?
2022/06/24Grow foreign and local investments or be left behind
2022/03/03The timeless value of value investing
2022/02/04Part 1: Why is Bursa a chronic underperformer? Capital controls imposed
2022/01/27Inflation will stay high for longer ... but secular trends will drive prices down soon
2021/02/19SIA, a proxy for Singapore's growing strength as the Asean hub
2020/07/03What ails the Malaysian property sector
2020/06/26Room for a further reduction in interest rates
2020/06/19A short-sighted market
2020/06/12The market is right about a stimulus-augmented V-shaped recovery
2020/06/05From a sharing to a no-sharing economy?
2020/05/29Cheap money chasing up stock prices
2020/05/15Persistent economic contraction even as businesses reopen
2020/05/08Yet another stock-market scam - mini-tender offers
2020/04/30How close are Bursa and SGX-listed companies to financial distress?
2020/04/17Which will remain in 12 months' time - the Covid-19 pandemic or the effects of the stimulus?
2020/04/09Cash flow relief to keep viable companies afloat
2020/04/03There is also light at the end of the tunnel
2020/02/14Manic sensationalisation of the coronavirus
2020/02/07Shaken but not stirred
2020/01/31Malaysian stocks should do better in 2020
2019/12/06Tech stocks — the real ones and the pretenders
2019/11/29Time to buy US banks and why Comerica and JPMorgan
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