Singapore travellers rate Tokyo and Bangkok as top business and leisure destinations

Singapore travellers rate Tokyo and Bangkok as top business and leisure destinations

Samantha Chiew
12/09/18, 10:30 am

SINGAPORE (Sept 12): Business travellers in Singapore rated Tokyo and Bangkok as their top business and leisure travel destinations, according to the Smoother Journeys Survey, a study conducted by YouGov for premium luggage brand Samsonite.

The study saw participation from more than 500 respondents and was undertaken to find out what drives Singapore business travellers, as well as some of the things they liked – and didn’t like.

Hong Kong was ranked the third-favourite business destination, while London took the third spot for leisure travel.

The least popular destinations were Mumbai, Bangalore and Jakarta.

London and Tokyo tied for the top spot among business travellers below 34, while Tokyo was the top choice for those between 35 and 44, and those over 45 preferred Bangkok.

Overall, the survey showed that one in five or 22% of Singaporeans enjoy overseas business travel a lot, 30% like it a little, and 37% are ambivalent.

A majority 94% of business travellers enjoyed travelling as it is an opportunity to visit new places, while 91% saw it as a chance to leave Singapore for a short while, and 88% saw it as an experience to work in new environments.

Although 60% of the respondents say that they travel “just the right amount”, many still crave their home comforts. Being apart from family and the fear of missing out on what is happening at home topped the reasons for people disliking business travel, at 57% and 41% respectively.

Travelling to another country may pose some stress to travellers.

Business travellers identified traffic jams, flight delays and airport transfers as the most significant stress creators.

However, when it came down to things that travellers would have control over, the respondents said that factoring in downtime and more effective packing and luggage are essential.

Those who enjoy business travel where found to have likely undertaken activities that will help alleviate stress.

Satish Peerubandi, general manager for Samsonite Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & IndoChina says, “The Smoother Journeys survey revealed some surprising insights. For starters, we were surprised to see how strongly Asian cities did. We were also happy to see that a majority enjoyed business travel, even as it has a reputation for being tough for those who travel often. Only 11% of respondents said they did not enjoy business travel, with the majority liking it for the opportunities it brings.”

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