SINGAPORE (Oct 17): Non-oil domestic exports (NODX) in September declined by 1.1%, after the 16.7% growth in the preceding month, says IE Singapore.

This was due to a decrease in electronic NODX which outweighed the increase in non-electronic exports, according to the agency that promotes international trade.

Compared to a year ago, total trade grew by 6.2% in September, extending the 15.4% expansion in the preceding month. Total exports increased by 3.8% in September, following the 15.1% growth in August. Total imports grew by 9.1% in September, after the 15.8% expansion in August.

Electronic NODX declined by 7.9% in September from a year ago, after the 20.8% expansion in the previous month. PCs, ICs and diodes & transistors decreased by 17.6%, 4.1% and 18.1% respectively, contributing the most to the decline in electronic NODX.

Non-electronic NODX rose by 1.9% in September, following the 15.0% expansion in the previous month. Non-monetary gold, petrochemicals and specialised machinery increased by 70.2%, 11.6% and 15.5% respectively, contributing the most to the growth in non-electronic NODX.

NODX to the top 10 markets increased in the month, except Hong Kong, the EU 28 and Thailand. The largest contributors to the NODX increase were Malaysia at 21.3%, China at 9.6% and Japan at 18.1%.

NODX to emerging markets contracted by 29.6%, following the 9.9% decline in the previous month. The decline in NODX to the emerging markets was due mainly to Latin America (-70.4%), the Caribbean (-87.1%) and the Middle East (-19.0%).

Non-oil re-exports  rose by 0.5% over the year, following the expansion in the preceding months; growth in electronic re-exports offset the decline in non-electronics.