Microsoft bets to become the Netflix of gaming - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Microsoft bets to become the Netflix of gaming

Cloud gaming is the game in town and every player wants to be the Netflix of gaming.
Citi’s Problems and Solutions Look Suspiciously European - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Banking & finance

Citi's problems and solutions look suspiciously European

Citigroup's sale of Asean business to UOB, and announcement of sale of Mexican assets did not boost share price, Bloomberg finds

Capital markets

Capital is not a strategy

Too much capital can eliminate the need for entrepreneurs and investors alike to have any strategy at all.


Spac arrival in Singapore is sweetly timed

The tech rout means that the unlisted opportunities the spacs are seeking are cheaper.

Global Economy

Economic recovery could still surprise despite Omicron spike

"The eventual rebound in global activity will be much stronger than expected": Bhaskaran.