The big shorts in the Covid-19 crisis

SINGAPORE (Mar 27): Michael Lewis’s book The Big Short features a hedge fund manager called Michael Burry who profits from the 2008 crisis.

US Economy

A pandemic is no time for US economic sanctions

(Mar 27): Over the past several years, US President Donald Trump’s administration has unilaterally imposed harsh economic sanctions on several countries whose governments it seeks to punish.



Toward a 2021 Tokyo Olympics

DUBLIN (March 25): With the global COVID-19 crisis quickly escalating, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has had to accept a hard truth, rightly taking the initiative in telling the Diet (parliame


A Covid-19 prescription for governments

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): The Covid-19 outbreak serves as a stark reminder that the trajectory of the global economy can swing drastically and with little warning.

China Focus

The coronavirus is China's chance to weaken the liberal order

(Mar 20): As markets gyrate and the world faces the possibility of a punishing recession, comparisons to the last global economic crisis are inevitable.


Covid-19 crisis: What are we missing?

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): The Covid-19 crisis has continued to deteriorate. As a result, governments are rolling out massive stimulus policies at a stunning pace.

Global Economy

The pandemic stress test

SINGAPORE (Mar 20): The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise and will now expose underlying economic weaknesses wherever they lie.

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