Global Economy

Where is Taiwan heading?

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): Taiwan’s independence-leaning President Tsai Ing-wen has won re-election with a resounding 57.1% of the votes, leaving her main opponent, Han Kuoyu of the China-leaning Kuominta

Global Economy

Less intrusive trade agreements today may do more for trade tomorrow

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): Toward the end of the last decade, globalisation – the lowering of barriers to cross-border flows of goods, services, investment, and information – came under severe pressure.


The Assassin’s false creed: An empty gesture with long-term costs

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): For an armchair warrior like US President Donald Trump, who received five deferments from serving in Vietnam, assassinations must look like a foreign-policy silver bullet.


Why Asia should worry about Middle East risk

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): The new year began with shocking developments in the Middle East.


What’s next for Tech after its 'decade horribilis'?

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): At the start of the just-ended decade, technology, for the most part, was seen as a force for good.

Global Economy

Facing up to new norms and staying the course

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): As this issue of The Edge Singapore goes to print, US President Donald Trump faces an impeachment trial by his political enemies.

Management & Corporate Governance

CEOs goose their pay with buybacks

(Dec 27): Is it good or bad that US corporations are buying back their own shares?

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