The pandemic must end our complacency

(June 26): A sudden shock upends routine decision-making and forces leaders to take urgent action.

China Focus

China delistings are Nasdaq's pain, Hong Kong's gain

(June 19): The simmering Cold War between the US and China last month finally spilled beyond trade, national security and the blame game over the coronavirus pandemic into global capital markets.

We are fighting deflation, not causing inflation ...yet

(June 19): The global economy has been brought to its knees by Covid-19, with a collapse in demand unlike anything seen since the Great Depression.

Disruption and Digitalisation

Reviving the Asean economy with digital transformation after Covid-19

(June 19): Today we face one of the largest global challenges of our generation. The impact of Covid-19 is undeniable and its test of our perseverance, unmatched.

Investing strategy

The trust continuum

(June 19): I jostle for the right spot at home (#WFH). It is a challenge when both working parents are on separate conference calls while the eldest child is zooming with his piano teacher and the

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