Change is brewing as Starbucks leads coffee industry in sustainable practices

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Walk into a Starbucks here and you will likely encounter tables strewn with used paper cups, plastic cups and straws, sticky with the residue of milky coffees and Frappuccinos.


Indonesia: The giant of Southeast Asia

The republic’s young, 264 million-strong population and burgeoning internet economy make it a behemoth in the region.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

IPCO office was 'admin centre' for penny stock scandal, witness reveals

SINGAPORE (Oct 10): A witness in the trial of John Soh Chee Wen and Quah Su-Ling – the alleged masterminds of the 2013 penny stock crash – has revealed that the office of IPCO International appeare

US-China trade war

The US-China relationship is swiftly deteriorating by the day

(Oct 9): This was supposed to be the week US-China trade talks got back on track and the two sides found a way to avoid sending more unsettling signals to financial markets and a global economy tha

1MDB Watch

Malaysia seeks 1MDB funds from Najib's brother, ex-minister

(Oct 7): Malaysia is asking the brother of ex-premier Najib Razak and former cabinet ministers to return funds believed to have come from 1MDB or risk being prosecuted.

Be informed of the stories that matter


Be informed of the stories that matter